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State Rep Tokes At Hash Bash

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Over 5,000 people jammed the U-M Diag Sunday, April 1, for the second Annual Arm Arbor Hash Festival, smoking huge quantities of hash and weed openly while two city plaindothes pólice men stood by and watched. While people tnilled about, Ann Arbor State Kepresentative Perry Bullard quietly pulled a joint out ot his pocket and lit it up. Immediately surrounded by cameramen and reporters, Bullard explained that "there's nothing wrong with it" and kept on toking. Perry's picture smoking the joint was on the cover of newspapers all across the state the next day , which infuriated some of his colleagues in the Michigan House of Representatives. State Rep. Warren O'Brien of Warren tried to formally censure Bullard, explaining "no one should stand above the law." Rep. Warren told the SUN that "after watchíng Bullard on the TV news I feit that somebody should take action. It's simply a matter of breaking the law - public act number 196, the controlled substnaces act."