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Free With a subscription to the SUN! With every 2 year subscription you get your choice of 1972 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival Double Album, or John Sinclair's book, Guitar Army. With every 1 year subscription you get the Art Ensemble of Chicago's Album BAP-TIZUM, recorded at the Blues and Jazz Festival.

Leaving A2 this summer?   Keep up with what's happening while you're gone-  subscribe to the sun

Free to prisoners in Michigan*  1/2 price to soldiers   $5 for I year - Free Art Ensemble of Chicago album   $8 for 2 year- Free Guitar Army or Blues and Jazz Festival Album

Name Street City State Zip   Send to: Ann Arbor SUN. 1510 Hill St., Ann Arbor Michigan 48104

*Because of financial difficulties, Michigan Committee for Prisoners Rights can only afford to mail SUNS to prisoners in Michigan