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Wilson-white Won't Rent To Sun

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"We have the right to rent to whoever we want," said Mr. Wilson of the Wilson-White Management Co., "and we've decided not to rent to the SUN."

The SUN was attempting to rent an office from Wilson in the Arcade and had at his request submitted copies of the paper and a financial statement.

"We know you can pay the rent," said Mr. Wilson, "but you don't make enough money otherwise."

So, in the face of this blatant economic discrimination, the SUN called the Human Rights Department at City Hall.

"We've had a lot of complaints against Wilson-White," said Pat Carr, of the Human Rights Department, "but we haven't been able to do much about them. They demand that your income be four times the amount of the rent. One woman offered to deposit a whole year's rent in the bank ahead of time and they still turned her down."

Meanwhile, the SUN is still searching for an office with at least 400 square feet, moderate price, and near campus or downtown. If you have any leads please call Linda Ross at 761-1709.

******The Children's Community Center plans to expand into a licensed child care program with a Federal Revenue Sharing contract for $15,000 received from the City. If you have children, 2 1/2 to 5 yrs., and are interested in more information or an enrollment application, please write: CCC, c/o  1520 Hill St. The CCC is also looking for a building to rent or buy (church, house, land for mobile clsrm.) Cali 761-8522 or 761-1709 and leave message for Skip if you can help.  

******Rainbow Press needs people to help build a print shop. We need people who are experienced or are willing to learn to print, if you are interested call 761-7148. Ask for Ann or Jan.

******Applerose Natural Foods and Kalso Earth Shoes have both moved - Applerose to 300 West Liberty, Kalso to 406 E. Liberty.