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Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972

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A real good time! f3k A "One of the most successful, most well put A rLs m H together, and significant musical events . . . iíM"L fW incredible historicity !" KJC5Í AJ -Detroit Free Press 'WpTÜj -"mBÊBSy Lu íhm Al 1 íxoii "jnHp Illij "Blue Bland W& . caá j [, Jf 1 Sun Ka BLmL.jV 1 & Iris Solar MijthArlM'Slríi Bonnic Kaitt B WÊM OtísRusli ■ Johiimj Shiiics HÉ Lucilk Spaiin HHB& I Hound Iog Taylor HBk KolíO T!Jlor B Jr.Walker H & tlu All Stiu-s m Sippie WaUace H I MimUIij Waters H Howli n Wolf Mghtij JocYouiifi LUCILLESPANN M V pimío I, isa Gottlieb Ê , m "What was promised was delivered . . . an almost "Atlantic will be releasing an album, a two-record set, in Itllilllxm CultUT&l Ili.SlOIMJ free three-day event, in which about two dozen blues and a couple of months, and it should be a collector's item. ma i jazz artists played for crowds estimated at times to be as The music represents some of the best blues and jazz hl II HU' I ( l K I Vil IH1' .TlllttU' high as 16 000 " available anywhere. The Festival itself was a landmark ' -John Weisman, Rolling Stone happening for the counter-culture." RcCOnfed UvC at - Richie Nusser, Village Voice -k.i t? ma ■ m-í ■ -■ Ot is Spa ii ii Memorial Field "The booking was best of all, a quality blend of the , mm_ finest blues and blues-derived artists. Though a large percentage of the audience was cora_r k nu ■ ; a posed of people who probably had no particular leaning Kobert Uhristgau, newsaay toward the music presented, their response to the artists and general environment was exhilarating . . . If the Blues „_. , . „ , ., „ , . . and Jazz Festival dumped one overriding conclusión The resulting effect was a beautifully ba anced weekend into our laps it was that the audience s what really of down-home funky blues, a la Muddy Waters, Howlin cöunts " Wolf and Hound Dog Taylor, with the searing cacophonous wails of saxophones, trumpets and clarinets ... We Ben tdmonds. Boston After Dark now have a model for future music festivals." - Ray Townley, Chicago Express ___ For more music from the Festival check out iKAIMMHiyT Festival produced „..„„,.. .. .. . . I MM - 3ZSSL h Pt a i BAPTizuM Now available on I WmïïffU Tv oy reter Anarews The Art Ensemble of Chicago Atlantic Records and Tapes .U8I1 fïï m and John Sinclair sn 16Í9 n 9 C0 l-3"-! [mm b Aiianiic au-iojy oLrL-DUi ivt ANTI 01 V . J