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cutout and uve SPRING FILM FESTIVAL MAY 10 A II SED KELLY (Mick Tony Richarclson direct s Mick Jaguer in the role ofa rampaging front ier bandil driven to crime af ter a frame-up. Hts gang sealed its doom al their 1878 massacre of several law agents. Jagger givesa virtuoso, violent performance. PEYOTE a journey throiigh the underworld of sensory derangment moving at futí speed with A frican beat. 17 & 18 BU RN! (Marión Brando - Direct ed by Cilio Technicolor features Marión Brando as a British agent sent to an stand in the Caribbean early I9lli century. to break the sngar monoply. He succeeds by fomenting a revolution of thf native peoples enslaved on the silgar plantations . clianging to open guerilla warfare against the British interests on the stand Brandas favorite performance. (1970) SINISTER a 1 9 30 classic of dopesmoking in F.gypt. 24 & 25 HOWI WON THE WAR (John Surrealist ic. satiric war film recouiilinf! the experiences ofa platoon of British army conscripts in WW I. Lt. Miclieal Crawford. a kind of military Don Quixote who never teams f rom experience. Lennon, ex-fascist joins his platoon in surreal colors and inake-up as eacli memher of the platoon is disposed of. NhWSREEL f.rallco wills ilt Spam s, overseasair service. Germany starts it'W I as Hiller invades l'oland. 31 & I PRIME ((ene Hackmen and Lee Marvin) - Lee Marvin, big time syndicale enf oreer pitted againsl (ene Hackman wlio runs a "branch office" and decides to do away with syndicale profil shartng. Hackman uses a catite slaugliterlwuse as a front for a proslilution racket that attributes it 's assets to young women who are orphans. Top notch acting! JUNE 7 & 8 (Marton Brando. James Coburn. Richard Burlón. Elsa Martinelli. and Ringo Starr) 14 & 15 to he announced 21 & 22 FUTURE SHOCK - breath-laking. screenplay after the best setting novel, "devestating "- (42 Minutes) SCORPIO exorcise in black humour. portrail of violence. a document of a molorcycle cultisl and one speclacular death 'a hvmn to Thanatos'. the hero. Scorpio is intercul with shots o f Hit Ier. James Dean. Marión Brando, and Jesús Christ. A rough-gay llalloween party of eyelists. buckling teather through glimpses of comic strip characlers that reflects a mood of self-destruction, self-mocking. M YSTER Y OF LEAPING F1SH - 1916 COCAÏNE CLASSICI see Douglas Fairbanks Sr., the master of disguise and super as - clandestine craving "coke" Ennyday, see coke vanquish the nefarious Knaves white dancing the cocaïne quiver. 28&29 FILLMORE (new starring Santana. Xhe Greatful Dead . Hot Tuna. Quicksilver. It 's A Beautiful Day. Cold Blood. Boz Scaggs. Elvin Bishop Group, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Lamb, and Bill Graham. All ihowt at Modem Language Bldg. Auditorium 3 (E. Washington at Thayer, Ann Arbor) All Shows: $1.25 for info. cali - 665-6734 _ . ___