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Brothers & Sisters of the SUN,

Almost every one of us in the Prisoner's Cultural Collective has been vitally interested in the Prisoner's Hour that used to be broadcast on WNRZ and in the progressive community programming in general. Word of that particular program spread rapidly on the compound here, so that by the third program, 65 or 70% of the prisoners (along with many disgruntled keepers) were glued to the radio for that hour, and already thinking of things they'd likè to hear in the near future; unfortunately, it looks like, for the time being, the "administrators" got their wish.
The last Prisoner's Hour program, devoted mainly to the class action suit against Warden Hughes (asking for an end to punitive transfers and the observance of prisoner's due process rights) was the one that put all the people "up front", "up tight"; they don't like their business spread all over the community like that. At any rate, attached to this letter are WNRZ petitions, filled with signatures of prisoners who want WNRZ community programming back - who want and need the Prisoner's Hour back.

For the Collective,
Matt Hoffman

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Once again the summer rip-offs are coming out of their winter hibernation.
On April 27 I was playing in Pinball Alley with some friends and a black brother carne up to me and asked me if I had any weed. I said I had a lid and he said he wanted to buy it. I told him I might sell him a couple of joints.
My friend and I went out to one of their cars. I'd just finished rolling a number and the other four (there were five of them) carne out and told us all to get out of the car; I got out holding the bag and this one brother got in and grabbed the bag. I started to get in the back seat and he pushed (or tried to) me away, saying I could talk through an open window. Then the driver turned on the car and floored it in a hasty escape from me and my friends. They were scared shitless. The fact that they were scared tells me that these rip-offs may be prevented by a number of things.
People have been getting ripped-off for a long time and it's about time this shit stops. We should. stand up to rip-offs, and when you run into a person on the street who has ripped you off, let him know who you are. But you should never do this single-handedly 'cause you might get your shit blown away.
Try to get pictures of them and bring them to the Ann Arbor Sun, or at least come down and tell the people so they can let us all know. Get names if you can too.
We've got to put pressure on these people so they'll stop ripping us off. That's the only way they will. We all want to smoke our dope without fear of getting ripped off, or worse, getting busted. So keep on smoking, but beware of ripoffs if you want to get high, 'cause they're a bring down.
Stay high now you all.
Stop the ripoffs and smoke good dope.

-Capt. High.