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It you've cruised down Main Street lately, you may have noticed that the empty lot on the corner of Main and Huron is being dug up and transformed. This is the site of one of the most recent projects of the Ann Arbor Ecology Center. The Ecology Center arranged, with the approval of the owner, to set up a temporary park until the land is sold. Due to planning procedures, even if the land was sold today, construction would not start for at least two years.
The Community Development Center, co-sponsored by the Huron Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Black EconomicĀ Development League, offered to plan out the park. The purpose of this organization is to offer free technical planning skills to those in the community who need it.
An article about the park project printed in the Ann Arbor News met with great response: donations of trees and fill for high spots carne from individual citizens, and the city is donating wood chips. Still need are railroad ties (to act as edging between the grass and flowers and the wood chips), flowers, and money to rent trucks and to buy sod, flowers and miscellaneous items.
People are also needed to work on the park, which should be started early in June and finished within about a week after that. Much help is needed to beautify and clean our city!
The Ecology Center is an educational and resource center for the Community. lts programs include recycling projects, teaching about and growing an organic garden (which is located on North Campus), assisting teachers in the Ann Arbor school system with field trips and ecology units, and many other worthwhile efforts.)
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