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Taxes For Peace

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Taxes for Peace

Spending money on life is better than complying with taxation for war. Because of this deal, the Ann Arbor Life Priorities Fund accepts unpaid war tax money and invests it towards humane ends.

Contributions have already been made to such local organizations as the Women's Crisis Center, Tribal Council, Hard Drugs Committee, the Ann Arbor Sun, and CCC.

Money comes from members who refuse to pay telephone excise tax and some federal income tax and contribute to the Fund instead. The Fund also accepts non-tax contributions.

People interested in the Fund can write A2 War Tax Counseling, P.O. Box 559, A2 or call Liz Taylor, 769-7274, or Rick Fuller, 769-7588.

(The SUN would like to thank A2 Life Priorities for loaning us $250.00 that enabled us to move into our new office.)