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   One of the things that the State hopes to do by bringing these charges against Craig and myself is to slander and discredit us in the eyes of our brothers and sisters in our community, to somehow, anyhow, separate or isolate us from our people by painting us as violent, vicious armed robbers and extortionists.

    We had originally intended to write a full statement telling exactly what went down and how Uwe Wagner (alias Wheeler) came to charge Craig and me with conspiracy, armed robbery, extortion and usury. We want to tell that story. But after discussing it with our lawyer, Buck Davis, and after further consideration we feel that it would be to our disadvantage to put all the facts out right now. The facts will be brought forth, but in the course of trial when we lay bare the lies of the State.

    We can say and do say, that we are not armed robbers or extortionists. We did not commit any of the charges brought by the Attorney General. As far as we know the charges brought against us never occurred We can only view this prosecution as one in a long line of attacks leveled at the Rainbow People's Party and its members by the Attorney General and the Michigan State Police.

   We can only speculate as to why or how Uwe conspired with the Michigan State Police and the State Attorney General's office. We do have some information that can feed these speculations. Uwe is a German national who has not registered with the immigration authorities, which means he is now facing deportation. He is also on probation for a previous dope charge, which means he is facing prison for violation of his probation. We know that he was telling people before any of this happened that the police were after him. We know that he did not report his dope conviction to the immigration department, which is another crime and ground for deportation. We also know that he has been dealing death drugs for some time (quaaludes, speed, methadone). He has also been involved in a number of other rip offs. Several things may have happened. He may have got busted and confronted with deportation or prison and saw a chance to get out from under some of the heat. The State Police no doubt helped him concoct whatever fantasies he had. The result is that he is presently conspiring with the Attorney General and the Michigan State Police to put Craig and me away for many years.

   When Wagner filed his complaint against us he charged that we broke into his house, threatened him with a gun and a knife, broke up his house and stole his shit. This is a bold -faced lie. He knows it is a lie, the police know it is a lie, Craig knows, I know and the other eyewitness, Bruce Peterson knows. Bruce testified at the preliminary examination that none of the charges made by Uwe were true. There was no gun, no knife, no threats, we did not steal anything, we did not tear up his house.

    But even after testimony denouncing the charges as false, we were still held on $100,000 bond. The outrageous bond, the military/police operation in arresting us, the slanderous press releases made by the Attorney General himself, this whole sickening mess leads us to believe that this is still another attack by the protectors of honk on Craig and me and on the entire Rainbow People's Party.

    Finally, we want to thank all the people and groups who have stood by us during these times. The people's bands who played at benefits for us, and the people who went to the benefits and paid up their money to help us out, receive our warm embrace and deep thanks. We would especially like to mention the people's bands that played to help raise money for bonds and legal fees: New Heavenly Blue, Uprising with Mitch Ryder, Radio King and his Court of Rhythm, and DETROIT. And thank you to the Students for Human Rights and the Students Rights Party for your help in co-sponsoring benefits. And a warm thanks to the people who went to the benefits and supported the legal battle in many different ways. THANK YOU AND POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

     --Pun Plamondon