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Legal History Of R.p.p Members

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1. *10/64, John Sinclair busted for possession of weed.

2. *8/65, John Sinclair busted for possession of weed.

3. *l/67, John and Leni Sinclair busted, John charged with sales, Leni with possession of weed

 4. *5/67, Gary Grimshaw busted on charges of displaying obscene kite.

5. *7/67, Trans Love Energy members and MC5 arrested during Detroit '67 uprising.

6. *5/68, John Sinclair and MC5 shut down by police at Ann Arbor teen club, arrested for "noisy band."

7. *6/68, Pun Plamondon and Gary Grimshaw charged in Traverse City with "sale of marijuana."

8. *6/68, John Sinclair and MC'5 ticketed and harassed by 2 police for playing free music in parks.

9. *7/68, John Sinclair, Fred Smith (MC5) arrested for assaulting Oakland Co. policeman.

10. *4/69, Pun Plamondon and Skip Taube busted for "distributing obscene material."

11, *4/69, John Sinclair busted for failure to register as 'narcotics offender' at Detroit/Sarnia border.

12. *7/69, Pun Plamondon busted for "indecent exposure" by A 2 Police.


13. *7/69, Underground Media Conference raided by State and Ann Arbor Police.

14. *8/69, Pun Plamondon, Genie Plamondon and Leni Sinclair busted in New Jersey for possession of weed.

 15. *9/69, Pun Plamondon busted in Chicago for possession of marijuana.

16. *10/69. John Sinclair, Pun Plamondon and Jack Forrest indicted for conspiracy to bomb A2 CIA office, Pun is charged with doing the actual bombing.


17. *7/7O, Pun Plamondon busted for carrying concealed weapon.

18. *7/7O, Skip Taube and Jack Forrest charged with "Harboring a fugitive," Pun Plamondon.

19. *10/70, Genie Plamondon and 8 others busted in Fort Worth, Texas, charged with "possession of marijuana."

20. *11/70, Pun Plamondon charged with possession of falsified draft cards

21. *11/70, John Sinclair files suit against Perry Johnson, Warden, and Michigan Department of Corrections. Charges violation of Civil Rights.

22. *2/71, Pun Plamondon and 5 other Wayne Co Jail inmates file suit against Wayne Co. Sheriff and Board of Commissioners.

23. *7/71, David Sinclair called to testify to Secret Grand Jury investigating Goose Lake Rock Festival.

24. *8/71, Pun Plamondon and two other Kent Co. Jail (Grand Rapids) inmates file suit against Kent Co. Sheriff and Board of Commissioners.

25. *8/71 , Pun and Genie Plamondon busted for smuggling weed into Kent Co. Jail,

 26. *4/72, Friends of Rainbow People's Party student organization U of M, files suit against Board of Regents.

27. *5/72, Genie Plamondon, David Fenton and 36 others are arrested for "malicious destruction of property."

28. *5/72, Pun Plamondon files own motion in Federal Court seeking credit toward sentence of 11 months served in Wayne Co. Jail

 29. *3/73, Pun Plamondon and Craig Blazier arrested for conspiracy, extortion, armed robbery and usury.

30. *5/73, John Sinclair, Pun Plamondon and Jack Forrest file suit in Federal Court charging Nixon, Mitchell, Kleindienst, Hoover, L. Patrick Gray III, and others with violation of the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.


John tries to fight constitutionality of  State weed law, slick lawyer cons John into pleading guilty.

John couldn't find lawyer to fight constitutionality of State weed laws again pleads guilty on promise from lawyer of probation.

54 others also busted in Great Detroit Dope Raid. Charges dropped against all but John.


Detroit police spot kite deep inside office of Warren-Forrest SUN with Fuck America, Go Fly a Kite!" written on it. Doors kicked in by Detroit police and Nat'l Guard. No charges filed.

1st MC5 gig in Ann Arbor after Trans-Love move from Detroit 7 police cars turn off power in club.

Police informer uses two roaches from an ashtray as evidence to charge Pun and Grim with sales. Pun arrested and held on $20,000 bond for 84 days. Grim fled, surrendered 2 years later.

Acting on orders from City Council A2 police try to snuff Free Parks Program. Concerts continue anyway.

Oakland police attack dance, Sinclair & Smith beaten by police charged with assault.

Pun & Skip get busted for giving copies of A2 ARGUS and White Panther 10 Point Program to "minors."

John & MC5 stopped on their way to a gig in Canada. Special notices had been placed by Detroit police. John held on $10,000 bond.

Pun and other Party members under Surveillance during Nat'l Underground Media Conference organized by A2 ARGUS and White Panther Party Pun busted white innocently standing in alley near downtown bar.

65 national media representatives held at gunpoint and harassed for 5 hours.

Surveillance intensifies, Pun, Genie & Leni stopped at road block returning from historic Woodstock Festival. Held on $4500, $2000 and $1500 bond respectively.

Under surveillance of Chicago "Red Squad", busted when leaving offices of Chicago SEED. $ 1500 bond.

Charges based solely on testimony of David Valler, admitted bomber brought from prison to grand jury by federal agents. (Valler later begins anti-freak series from prison for Detroit News, gets early parole on bombing convictions.) Pun does 15 months in county jail under $100,000 bond, John already in Marquette Prison. Wiretap against Pun brought to light, called "irrelevant to the prosecution" by government.

Police say that van in which Pun was riding when busted for CIA charges had a rifle and shot guns in it. State waited 2 years, until Pun was released from Federal custody, to press charges.

Skip & Jack, caught trying to help Pun avoid an illegal prosecution pled guilty to "harboring" him.

Genie busted at White Panther house by Texas Rangers and local police after making speech at War rally. Brothers beaten up, marijuana planted.

Police found false draft cards when they busted Pun on CIA beef After 15 months in Wayne & Kent Co. Jails, Pun pled guilty to get out of the Co. Jail and into Federal Prison.

John shipped out of Marquette for participating in strike in support of Black Studies Program demand. Moved to solitary confinement in Jackson, moved from solitary to "hole" for "typing 10 Point Program Black Panther Party."

Class action suit charges Wayne Co. Jail unconstitutional on grounds it is cruel and unusual punishment.

Grand Jury investigating dope use at Rock Festival calls David Sinclair as organizer of various services at festival. David refused to testify.

Class action suit charges Kent Co. Jail unconstitutional on grounds it is cruel and unusual punishment.

Deal made so that if Pun pled guilty  Charges would be dropped against Genie.

 Friends of the RPP had organized a voter registration rally at the Michigan Union, Board of Regents deny use of Union.

On the birthday anniversaries of Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh bomb craters were dug by A2 anti-War residents. At two separate digs over, 50 people were arrested.

 In draft card case Federal Judge ruled Pun was to get credit for time served in Wayne Co. Jail. Prison authorities ruled 11 months in jail did not count.

 State Attorney General and State Police team up with bogus dope dealer and rip-off artist to frame Pun & Craig. Pun and Craig held on $100,000 bond.

Wire tapping revealed  during the course of the '69"'72 CIA CONSPIRACY TRAIL was ruled illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court because no warrant had been obtained.


3 years probation

Probation + 6 months in Detroit House of Corrections (DeHoCo).

Convicted of possession, July '69; sentenced to 91/2-10 years for 2 joints. Denied appeal bond. Case overturned when Michigan Supreme Court ruled State weed law unconstitutional in John's case. John released from prison Dec. 13, 1972. 128 other weed prisoners released in March.

Grim convicted in local court, case dismissed on appeal.

Case dropped.

Fine paid by John Sinclair.

June 1972, Prosecutor drops charges against Pun and Grim.

Fines paid by Sinclair and MC5.

Fred Smith acquitted. Sinclair convicted in local Oakland Co. Court. disposed of on appeal to higher Court.

Case dismissed by Court.

Case dropped by prosecution one year later white John is serving time in Marquette Prison.

Case dismissed by Court.

No charges brought.

All charges dropped by the prosecution.

 Case dropped by prosecutor.

Case dismissed by prosecution 21/2 years later after historic Supreme Court decision curbing the power of the President to wiretap without a search warrant on grounds of "national security." John, Pun, and Jack's case again used as test case

. Charges dismissed by the Court

Guilty pleas entered, both sentenced to 5 years in Federal Penitentiary.

All charges dropped 2 years later.

Guilty plea entered, sentenced to 28 months, given credit for 15 months already served.

Suit dropped (non-applicable after release).

Court rules in Plaintiffs (Pun's) favor, orders massive changes in jail.

Contempt of Court charge brought and eventually dismissed.

Suit filed, no action taken by Court.

Pun pled guilty, sentenced to 6 months to run with his other sentences.

District Court has turned down  the suit, appeal is planned.

All charges dropped by the prosecution.

Federal District Court ruled in Pun's favor ordered Pun's release.

Bonds reduced after a series of hearings taking 55 days in all. Trail date still pending July 16 1973

Cadillac, Michigan.

Pending, full jury trial demanded.