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W.a.n.t. Wants You!

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W.A.N.T. WANTS YOU!  County Narcs Ignore Smack, Hassle Freeks Instead

As proved by the events described in the front page article "State Narc Attacks Sun Sisters," The Washtenaw Area Narcotics Team (W.A.N.T.) is a clandestine police anti-consciousness drug unit run by a gaggle of fools headed by an immature mad dog state cop with distemper named William Burns.

W.A.N.T., one of many weird combined State and local police operations in Michigan, fronts itself off to the public as a "Narcotics Team." But in reality WA.N.T. has ignored addictive drug traffic in favor of concentrating on the suppression of the rainbow sacraments, marijuana and the stronger mind-expanding substances. (There is no record of W.A.N.T. involvement in any narcotics prosecutions).

Following a long string of petty reefer prosecutions, W.A.N.T. recently made the news with its prize bust. This bust culminated over five months investigation involving several of its high-paid agents, at a cost to the taxpayer of an amount probably sufficient to fund a People's Community Center for 5 months.

The result of this bust? No heroin kingpins, no quaalude blackmarketeers from among the executive ranks of the major pharmaceutical companies, not even a small-time smack dealer off the street, but two young local freeks and a bunch of clean LSD.  

This latest bust victimized an Ypsilanti brother and a sister from Chelsea. The sister was barraged constantly over the last five months with calls from Sandy "Larry" Hargu, a W.A.N.T. undercover agent, requesting that she cop some pure acid for him. The W.A.N.T. snake convinced her to deal in quantity (he was her only customer), talked her out of leaving town on vacation in order to cop for him, and in general did more than she to create the "crime" for which she was eventually busted.

Hargu was wired with transmitting devices while making buys from her, and up to three cars full of agents would be nearby to listen in. Hargu, of course, had long hair and a beard, but now looks more like his own kind.

Behind this bust, which went down at the Maple Village Shopping Center on June 5, the brother was held on $25,000 bond and the sister on $60,000, resulting in two weeks in jail before bonds were reduced.

According to Washtenaw County Sheriff Fred Postill, W.A.N.T. is a "floating operation" which has no office, no public phone number, and works instead out of a secret apartment somewhere in this area. (The SUN has learned the apartment is in Ypsilanti.) W.A.N.T. operates with no accountability to the public, like the secret White House Watergate gang before it was exposed.

W.A.N.T. is a local example of the big drug law enforcement ripoff perpetrated on the taxpayers by the State Police and their local cohorts. This ripoff is best epitomized by the State prosecution of Pun Plamondon and Craig Blazier (see article elsewhere on this center fold), in which the huge narc force has teamed up with a hard drug dealer not under prosecution, in order to snuff Pun and Craig behind intervening in a marijuana dispute.

W.A.N.T. is a part of a multi-million ruse in which hundreds of narcs make an easy living harassing freeks, under the guise of dealing with the hard drug problem on behalf of the people of the state.

Under W.A.N.T. and similar State Police efforts, the public money flows out to the narcs and the narcotics flow into our communities. And the public, which has an interest in stemming the flow of narcotics, pays through the nose for the concentrated cultural repression of freeks all over the state.

We on the SUN staff hope that the photos of narcs published in the paper, along with continuing news reports, will help ensure that less court, bond and lawyer money will be ripped off from the people by these weird "narcotics" units, and the fewer among us will be sent to prison as a result of the State police's snake-like activities. Beware these creeps - they are armed, dangerous, got money to burn, and they're backed up by the Attorney General and the Governor.

-David Sinclair

Illustration: Undercover W.A.N.T. agent Sandy "Larry" Hargu