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A Gift For All Seasons... Marygin

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A Gift For All Seasons....Marygin

Cleaning is a Ritual but it shouldn't take too much time . . . Marygin allows you to enjoy cleaning because it doesn't grind the leaf into powder. Just place your favorite herb in the tumbler (make sure it's broken up) and turn the wheel. The seeds and stems are separated from the leaf.  Marygin is compact and completely washable...a perfect gift:to yourself, or a friend.  Now available at your favorite store, or write us.  This product developed to clean small amounts of herbs (approx. one ounce).  We pay shipping, handling, and tax.  Send cash or money order.  Orders shipped immediately.

Marygin Marygin Marygin  P.O. Box 5827 Tucson, Ariz 85703 

Name  Address  City  State  Zip    Guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied with Marygin, we will gladly refund your money.  What more could you ask for?

$4.00  Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome.