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Even though the Republicans control City Council, there is a way to get back the $5 weed law and pass other progressive legislation.

By getting 3,500 valid signatures (of registered voters) any question can be put on the ballot as a Charter Amendment.

If it receives a majority of the votes on election day, it then becomes part of the City Charter and City Council can't repeal it.

At the July mass meeting the Human Rights Party decided to place several questions on the April 1974 ballot through Charter Amendment petitions. The 3,500 signatures needed must be collected within any 30 day period prior to January 2nd.

The following petitions will be circulated:

  • Bring back the $5 weed law for possession and sale.
  • Rent control and tenants' rights improvements if the City Council and Rent Control Study Commission don't act on these problems.
  • Pay for City Council members. Right now only the wealthy can afford to serve without going broke.
  • Put the right of initiative and referendum in the City Charter. Votes of the people can change the City Charter and the same should apply to city ordinances.

Besides the obvious progressive effects such laws can have, this decision has many other side benefits. It will become easier for the people to exercise direct legislative power, instead of depending on officeholders.

All sorts of talents will be needed to make this drive a success. And everyone is needed to help. The petitions should be ready soon. Call the HRP office (761-6650) - line up, sign up, and re-enlist.