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Sister Mary, On the 25th of July, I was transfered for supposed "Medical Reasons" from Milan to ihe federal prison in Springfield, Mo. The brothers and I tried (o stop the transfer, hut ourefforts were futile. I've been told that I can expect to be back in Milan in approx. four to five weeks. The reason l'm writing to you, is to ask about the PCC, as l've been completely cut off (we aren't allowed to correspond from one institution to another) from communicating with my brothers in Milan. I also thought I could relate some of the weird shit that the s t a ff' are bringing down on the population here. As you already know. this is the behavior modification center of the world, and some of the tactics they use are other than human (although they have been approved by the powercrats in Washington). Since my arrival, I have found out alot of interesting things, mainly through actual documents, and through open conversations with ilie draft dodging doctors that work hei e. i "i m tiot sure if you have heard of one of the l├╝test programs ;illed. S.T.A.R.T. From the information thal I could gather, u is nol ;i voluntary program as the public was previously informed. Rather, inmates that show creativity (sometimes diagnosed here ;is. "Too Much Spirit"), are immediately tiansferred here to bc treated in S.T.A.R.T. They use such drugs as thorazine that will passify the inmate, and then work on stripping him of hls identity; they are druggcu 10 the poini that most cannot even carry on an ntelligible convergation, II this drug does nol suitably slow down the activities of the inmate, they have :i new wondei drug called "Prolixium". l've seen and tried to t ui k to people that are on the new "wonder" drug, and they come dosel to resembling ZOMBIES, than human beings. I luwe several other bits of information thal may seem hard to believe, but are completely true, as I ha e nothing to gain in lying. Whenever some one here petitions the Federal Court, one would expect that to be taken to a Federal Courtroom to have the case heard. But m ;ill the cases against this institution, the Magisirate holds the hearings here in the prison, where the public never has a chance to hear the grievances. As of the time I am writing this letter, nothing has been done to change these procedures, and court is still being held behind the walls and away from the public. Fin not even sure this statement will be allowed to leave the institution, but if it does. I pray that you and the Sun will find some way to bring it to the attention of' the general public, how normal men are being changed into walking vegetables, because of the S.T.A.R.T. program. l'm here only for tests on my kidneys, but 1 am glad that I was able to find out about the terrible practices that are still used, when they were supposed to have been outlawed some time ago. It scares me that the people would let these things continue, and I am truly disheartened that so many of my brothers are being tortured so. Mary, I sincerely hope you will reply and teil me that the staff of the Sun will at least consider making the public aware of the Springfield atrocities. Please teil brother Ray Fortman and Andy that all is wel!. I understand that the Sun is having to charge prisoners for the papers now, but if there is any possible way that I could slide by on the charge, I sure would appreciate it. Funds are hard to come by these days. My release date is December 3Oth this year, so maybe you could give me an extended loan, ha