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Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1973 - Feast at the Festival

Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1973 - Feast at the Festival image
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ann arbor BLUES & JAZZ festival 1973
Sept. 7, 8, 9

Feast at the Festival

Caterer Romanoff’s

Natural Foods*

Organic Brown Rice n’ Vegetables (Choice of Vegetable Curry Sauce or Vegetable Energy Sauce) 75¢
Egg Rolls 50¢
Knishes 50¢
Raising Nut Granola with Milk 50¢
Cheese Sandwich on Whole Wheat 75¢
Peanut n’ Applebutter Sandwich 50¢
Corn on the Cob 25¢
Lg. Hard Boiled Egg 25¢

Big Juicy Apple 25¢
Natural Candy Bar 25¢
Apple or Date Squares 50¢
Fruit Tarts 50¢
Fruit n’ Nuts Pkgs. 25¢

All Drinks 25¢
Mint Tea n’ Honey (Hot & Cold)
Lemonade (Honey Sweetened)
Grape Orange
Apple Milk

Good Ol’ Food*

German Meatpatty on Bun 75¢
Ham n’ Cheese Sandwich $1.00
Cheese Sandwich 75¢
Rice Pilaf 75¢
Beef Barley Soup 75¢
Vegetable Soup 75¢

Italian Macaroni Salad 50¢
Hard Boiled Egg with Mustard 25¢
Two Cookies 25¢
Lg. Juicy Apple 25¢
Corn on the Cob 25¢

All Drinks 25¢
Orange Lg. Coffee
Grape Lg. Iced Tea
Apple Milk

* Food Purchased with Tickets Only! --- Tickets Available at 3 Ticket Booths!