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Sun Vendor Hits Da Big Time

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Free Money!

Sound Unbelievable? Well, as the Bard says, Truth is stranger than Fiction. In this case, Truth means simply stopping by the SUN offices and scoring a bundle of fresh papers, jampacked with the nooze that noze. Then choose one of the many lively Ann Arbor hotspots and be amazed as you are assaulted hoards of screaming brothers and sisters who will shovel 15 cents into your hand, overjoyed to once again have their very own copy of the latest edition of Ann Arbor's community newspaper. You get a dime, we get a nickel. What could be fairer? What could be easier? What could be more fun? On second thought, maybe selling TWO bundles could be more fun. So without further ado, stop by the SUN suite right above the Blind Pig today. Hurry, the supply is limited! 

208 S First St.