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Classes of the Women's Community School have started for this term. but interested women can still join. Operating under the philosophy of "What we don't know, we must learn; what we do know, we should teach each other," the school offers classes on a variety of subjects taught by women. Among classes offered this term are: Monday's - Basic Feminism, Resume writing and job interviewing; Tuesday's - Recorder group. Legal research, Women and the Law; Wednesday's - Women's Survival. Banjo Group.

The school asks for a $2.00 membership fee, which covers postage, publicity, and child care. Anyone interested in more information can contact the Women's Advocate Office, 763-4187.

Women will be getting together for a Women's Fair to find out what women are doing. Scheduled tor October 5, from 11:30 to 8:30 pm, the Fair will be located on the third floor of the Michigan League.

The Fair, sponsored by the Office of the Women's Advocate at U-M, is envisioned as an open-ended event in which women will be as actively and assertively involved as possible. University and community groups. as well as individual women with artistic and other skills, will have exhibits. Tentative ideas for the Fair include banners, a media room, displays and discussions. Various groups will also provide entertainment throughout the day, including dance and theatre groups.

Women, either individually or in groups, are encouraged to set up displays or demonstrations, with plenty of room available for anyone who is interested. All women are invited to attend and particípate. For further information, contact the Women's Advocate Office, 763-4187.