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Ladies and gents, brothers and sisters, outcasts and scofflaws of every stripe, this is your column. Starting here, each issue of the Sun will contain this Sunspots space, chock full of the hot tips that don't find their way into print anywhere else, either because the Sun has better sources than anyone else in town or because our unique intuition puts us in the right place at the right time. In case you have any items, be sure to call us at 761-7148 and ask for the Warm Poop desk.

For our very first tidbit, we are very pleased to announce that infamous American Independent Party Candidate for Sheriff and noted Washtenaw County lush Doug Harvey has finally turned what til now has been his number one avocation into a profitable business. Since the most appropriate name for his Saline bar was already taken by Ann Arbor's Blind Pig. Doug cleverly calls his "Harvey's Tavern." One of Harvey's trademarks, the hammerhead brushcut has transformed itself into a proto-rock V roll shag, so that the effect resembles Rod Stewart crossed with Magilla Gorilla... ...

Speaking of popstars, local-crazoid-made-good Iggy Pop, has been hanging out in these environs of late, living with his parents in a mobile home outside of town. Iggy's new manager is Helen Reddy's husband, and rumors are flying fast and furious about a possible Reddv-Pop album, with the lead cut to be "I Am Ig." Iggy's soon expected return to the Big Apple, though, underscores the perennial question: how can you keep a boy down on the trailer park after he's seen the sleezo Big Time?

....The sun is proud to announce that after publishing his picture, and suing him for $20,000 when he attacked two of our photographers, archnark William Burns has been re-assigned to Detroit. Friends wishing to congratulate Bill on his new assignment can reach him at 8217 Doe Lane, Plymouth, Michigan-his home--or 24870 Grand River Ave., Detroit-his headquarters. Burns is living proof, by the way, of the opportunities America has to offer. Where else can a high school graduate make $7.62 per hour doin' what comes naturally?

...Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks Dept. Eugene Staudenmeier, former detective lieutenant for the Ann Arbor police and pioneer in the "pretend-we're t on-the-same-side-nice-guy" school of thought, has become Ann Arbor's Betty Furness. Having resigned from the police department, he is now Ann Arbor's Consumer Protection Advocate. Gene's credentials for the job were apparently unimpeachable, since Prosecutor William Delhey. the man who hired him for the job, found that taking the test that the other applicants for the job did...And in the Greasing-the-Palm-that-Feeds-You Dept., former Ann Arbor City Planning Chief Michael Prochaska, a fashion show on feet, after paving the way for construction of Briarwood Mall, the world's largest shopping center, has now accepted a high position with the corporate creators of the same Mall...

Ace Del Rio doorman and City Council HRPster Jerrv DeGrieck was on a panel discussion with Mayor James Stephenson and first ward Democratic councilman Norris Thomas at U-M's Alice Lloyd Dorm on the subject of the HRP marijuana petition. Figuring the proof was in the pot, DeGrieck lit up a joint midway through the discussion. Stephenson refused a toke, evidently preferring to smoke in the privacy of his executive chambers... Oh, and by the way, which newly elected HRP Coordinator is a former honcho in the Michigan Young Republicans?...Speaking of which. U-M Young Republicans club has put out a P.R. flyer that sounds like a recruitment pitch for a lonely hearts club. To wit: "As a Republican amidst the leftwing polarized atmosphere of the University, you undoubtedly feel as though you have been left alone on a desert island...this university is not a Republican paradise." Regardless of what you may have thought by watching City Council or U-M Regents meetings...

Sage dopesmokers are being more careful with their tokes since Police Chief Quickdraw McKrasny has sent his cops on foot to patrol the disreputable bar district in the evening hours. Last week two of his paragoons of justice whipped into one of the bars, slipped into the men's toilet, and dipped into their pockets to produce the handcuffs for the unfortunate marijuana offender they caught holding. ..Richard Stoneman of the Sun Bakery went up to Flint last week to re-claim the bakery's stolen bread truck, which Flint police had recovered. But somehow the cops had lost the key, and Richie was forced to hotwire the motor. Finding no alligator clips to join the wires together, he turned to one cop who innocently inquired, "Why don't you use a roachclip? Didn't you bring a stash to smoke on the trip from Ann Arbor?"...People who want to circulate petitions for the Human Rights Party petition drive to reinstate the $5 fine should pick them up at HRP Offices at 516 William St....Sources from a certain exotic banana republic indicate that Ann Arbor is well-represented on the Underground Doperoad system, and that future crops look promising indeed. ..Another Ann Arbor first-University Hospital recently inaugurated the first program in the nation to study quaalude addiction... Schooldays, Schooldays, Follow the Golden Rule Days Dept.-Ken Kelley recalls fondly when current Ann Arbor supernark Mark Perrin and he at tended a Catholic elementary school together in Ypsilanti. "When I was in the sixth grade and he was in the fifth grade--he flunked one year he was bugging the shit out of me for six months or so. Being a pragmatic pacifist I put up with it as long as I could until one day I just hauled off and beat the shit out of him. I would have polished him off but a big nun interfered and beat the shit out of me."...

Does Mayor Stephenson know that the man being groomed by local Republicans in 1975 to replace him, third ward Councilman William Colburn, signed the 1972 Michigan Marijuana Petition?...Three disc jockeys who refused strikebreaker Larry Monroe's offer to return to WNRZ on "my terms," now are back on the air Tuesday thru Saturday on WIOT 104 7 FM. Neil Lasher lashes forth from 3-7 a m while Jim Dulzo and Chris McCabe are kicking out the jams on WCBN, 89.5 FM. Chris is on Monday noon to 3, Friday 9 a.m. to noon, and Saturday 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Jim is on Thursday and Friday, noon to 3...At last Ann Arbor has a jazz club The basement of, ironically, Frontier Beef Buffet, 2333 E. Stadium, has been formed into a high-energy catacomb where soon the sounds of Larry Coryell, Gil Evans, Mose Allison. Lonnie Liston Smith and others will blow forth. The KP will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays starting Oct. 11. And every Sunday evening is jazz nite at the Del Rio. Saturdays 2 to 3:30 p.m. is poetry time at the DR...

There's a Gay Dance featuring WABX disc jockey Dan Carlisle at the U-m Womens Gym Oct 26...No news director at WABX means that the UPI wire rips read by the jocks serve as the only information at what is otherwise the hippest radio station in the midwest. With the tight Nichols-Young mayoral race, the absence of much needed service to the ABX sisteners means they must search in vain in the Detroit daily press to figure out the differences between the two--which are plenty...

Whatever happened to Tim Tam and the Turn-Ons? The "Whiffle Tree", formerly the rocking Odyssey Bar, stinks... The U-M Student Government Meat Co-op is looking for a manager. Call 763-3242... The Children's Community Center will open within the next month. Meanwhile, repairs are underway at the CCC house by Cosmic Construction... Watch for the big cornet in the sky sometime the first week in November... The much-touted Trained Flea Act failed to appear at the Ozone Parade Benefit at the Primo last Wednesday, Oct. 3 However, the next day Ellen Frank, Zonester Extraordinaire, was seen madly scratching her legs...Arthur Miller's class-for-a-week in November is, predictably, all signed up. But observers can attend on an early-bird-catches-the -play-write basis...

Hot Flash!! Former Mount Clement's rocker Alice Cooper has been confirmed for December 12 at Crisler Arena, with Humble Pie slated for December 7. Supporting acts to be announced...Hot on the flush of success from the great Bobby Blue Bland show, the Primo will be booking national acts as much as two to three nights per week from now on...Hound Dog Taylor appears later this month. ..Radio King's Primo slot has been moved to Monday nights, with reduced cover charge... Watch for hometown favos Commander Cody (continued on page 16 SUNSPOTS continued from page 2) and his Lost Planet Airmen somewhere around the Zenta New Year, which everyone knows has fallen on what honkies call "Halloween" for the past 6 years...

Public Access Celebration Week will be steaming over the airwaves and into your Cable TV hookup from Oct. 22-28.

The week is planned as an example to cable-tv viewers of exactly what is possible with public access programming.

All the tapes shown are produced by people in the community. This will be the first time any of them have been shown to a TV audience.

The tapes are varied and include video of Uprising and Lightnin' with live performances interspersed with raps and stories. Then there's Mozart The Impresario, a comic opera done by the U.M. tv center, a tape done by the Ecology Center and one called "Free Birth" done by the Free Clinic. Last is the Greaser Queen Contest from last year's homecoming dance.

Don't forget that by calling 769-7422 after 10 on weeknights you can vote for your favorite tape. The winning producer gets a prize and the tape will be replayed on Sunday.

So turn to Channel F of your cable system the week of Oct. 22nd. For exact times of the shows look in the AA News.

One RMM source indicates that as many as five or six albums will emerge from the 1973 B&J Festival, with several artists indicating that they want complete performances of their Ann Arbor set released as an album...

Radio King Richard Richard Dishman has been nominated for secretary-treasurer of Ann Arbor Federation of Musicians Local 625.