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Update: Notices Resume Monday

Fri, 07/15/2005 - 5:52pm by eli

We've solved some of our notice problems, and starting Monday, we will resume sending our advance notice of due items via email. We've all gotten accustomed to these notices, so if you received fines this past week while the advance notices weren't working, be sure to mention it on your next visit to an AADL circulation desk, and we'll waive those fines for you.

One catch is that Request Pickup notices are still not working via email, so we're going to print and mail them starting Monday. If you get a paper notice, it doesn't mean we've deactivated your email, it's just until we get the email notices working right for when your requests are ready. In the meantime, check your account to see if your requests are 'Ready for Pickup', especially if you are hoping to get one of our 100 copies of You-Know-What, or, the just-cataloged audiobook!

One other note, if your request pickup notice says you only have until 7/18 or 7/19 to pick up your request, don't worry, we're actually giving you an extra week to pickup your holds, until 7/24. We're just not bothering to let the system know that.

Hopefully, this shouldn't be too big an inconvenience, especially since we routinely extend due dates and request pickup deadlines so that nothing is due or expires during the Art Fair. If you have any questions, or would like us to waive your fines, please contact us online.

Thanks for your patience as we settle into the new system, and keep the comments coming!



The new site is great and seems to be getting greater every day!

Would it be possible to include the artist as well as the call number for the listing of new CD's?

Heh, thanks, um.. 'AADL-rules'. =) You'll see on some CD listings, the artist does show up, so we'll continue refining that process to get better results. Thanks for your suggestion!


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Thanks for your response. In addition to listing the artist for new CD's, I was also wondering if it would be possible to sort the NEW CD's by call number. I'm always interested to see what new blues and jazz CD's have been added to the collection and I know that these CD's have 784.4 and 784.5 as part of the call number. If I could sort the list by call number, I could easily find the CD's I'm looking for.

Keep up the good work!

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