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Blues & Jazz Festival Album'

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This Chinese People's Ping Pong Player Lives Too Far For Home Delivery.

 We Mail Her Sun To Peking.

    But anyone living in Ann Arbor or the Eastern Michigan University dorms can sign up for HOME DELIVERY and get a FREE 1972 BLUES & JAZZ FESTIVAL ALBUM.

    HOME DELIVERY was created because it took too long for the SUN to reach Ann Arbor residents through the U.S. Post Office. We decided to take the situation into our own hands and deliver the paper ourselves. This way you get the SUN hot off the presses the very first day each new issue is available. Your FREE ALBUM will arrive with your first HOME DELIVERED issue of the SUN.

   Anyone out there who doesn't live in Ann Arbor, like our Chinese friend, can subscribe to the SUN for one year($5/26 issues) and get a M FREE BLUES & JAZZ FESTIVAL T-SHIRT or subscribe  for two years ($8/56 issues)  and get a FREE 1972 BLUES &JAZZ FESTIVAL ALBUM'

   So don't delay. Send in your coupon today.