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Gil Evans has been a major forcé in jazz for decades. His arranging and composing has graced many fine lp's, including the classic Sketches of Spain featuring Miles Davis. Recently Mr. Evans brought his unique and complex musical world to King Pleasure, and with him a band oí" what could be termed superstars. All young players, but hot, very hot. Collective credentials include working with Archie Shepp, Paul Butterfield, Taj Mahal, Charles Lloyd and Blood, Sweat and Tears. It's a large group, too. I counted 1 1 pieces, and maybe there were more because the texture ot this music is so dense that you close your eyes and almost think orchestra rather than band. Despite the fact that everyone was reading charts (even the accomplished female percussionist) the band swings. Sparked by a fine rhythm section and amazing solos by Howard Johnson (tuba) and Dave Sanborn (alto) no one in the audience went home disappointed. The appeareance of Gil Evans in town represents a true departure from the mainstream in jazz today. And even with the great diversity of artists coming to King Pleasure in the near future, few will put it down like Gil Evans and his group.