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n , , , RICKGRECHï raOaptons THE LAST iiM Rainbow Concert. FIVEYEARS. tSllie. "...A concert that had even the crustiest critics singRiek Grech is a musician's musician. Blue is a new band f rom Scotland making ing delirious songs of praise." Circus Best known in America for his work with their album debut on RSO. Hugh Nicholson, Eric Clapton's triumphant return to the stage is capBlind Faith, Family and early Traffic, Ian MacMillan and Timmy Donald combine tured in an album of electric brilliance. Joined by Riek is also one of the most active session their musical talents in an offenng that ranges Stevie Winwood, Peter Townshend, Ron Wood, men on both sides of the Atlantic. This f rom the funkiest rock (complete with sizRebop, Riek Grech and Jim Capaldi, Eric Clapton album contains a collection of tracks zhng lead guitar lines) to mellow acousüc proves conclusively that he continúes to be one of from his many diverse musical activities numbers with sweetly arranged harmonies. the greatest musicians on today's rock scene and features in addition to Rick's An auspicious debut by a fine new group Ê musicianship the playing of luminaries (Flash Jimmy McCulloch has joined Blue.) Ê RRff M like Ginger Baker, Jim Capaldi, Eric Hfl PUrfl Bh Clapton, Stevie Winwood, Gram Parsons, _ , . Pi ■H HËË Rosetta Hightower, Rebop, Chris Wood Q9 and Jim Gordon. ï &THE 4Hi H. Hk Ss "i r lw w HST B m - i BH! Z. V4I BrL2 Il'-ËB Hi I IR . W" f Distributed By Atlantic Records