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t SUN DISTRIBUTION 1 MANAGER This position offers mmediate pay 0 for someone willling to undertake respon sibility for getting the paper out into the 0 commtinity as much as possible; by re cruiting people to sell SUNs on the 0 streets, at moview, concerts, events, etc, and by maintaining contact with and ex panding the number of retail store outlets which currently stock the paper. The distribution manager will recieve a percentage of the paper sales shehe ; generates. This job is half-time, and can provide 0 whoever undertakes it with a decent in come, depending directly upon how much 0 effort they put inot the project. Interested people should contact David Fenton at 761 7148. f ' . . ■ - --TB -.;■ 'io. hcfc'5 what we do v. . " Wc start Ihü underound paper, JJ ' 'I GFSvy TIWE5 and we stick in sene b I pitfM-on ariicles. senïe nudie pi, get J g somc pyfiie-deJie artwofk. rap5 on E '[evolutionair fasfucnj Tie kidsX WE NEED HELP ON ALL AREAS OF THE SUN. STOP BY THE OFFICE ANY DAY, MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, 1 1 a.m.-6 p.m. OR COME TO THE STAFF MEETINGS TUESDAY NIGHTS AT 8 P.M.