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Sell The Sun

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- Q Come Out j of öur Shel I ! mm Have your scales been dragging in the depths, clamrades? Are you off your swim ■ because of the mossel shortager In short, are you beached because you're too broke m to float? Well, hoist anchor and sell the SUN- don't be a chicken-of-the-sea- there are treasures aplenty in the briny deep for you Fishiganders. You'll get along just H S swimmingly wlien you collect ten inflated cents on every SUN you sell! Amaze the sluggish slirimp and make waves with every whale and porpoise when you bring in a mussell or two for every fish in your school! Don't be a chowderhead! Sell the SUN! Executive Clamency is over! Set sail. clamrades. for 208 S. First St., and piek up a M K h "" bundie fnr your cruise nov: K Iliis is no fishy story. Get under way today, and put a pearl in your oyster for M K the stormy seas that lie anead. ..Sell the SUN for a bon voyage. You'll be slapping V H m your flippers in no time at all. JF"" Ei J Wr i II