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The SUN has opened a central distribution outlet inside the Summer of Forty Too Restaurant at 330 S. State Street. The distribution center will be open from ll-2pm Mondays through Saturdays. If you need to make some quick money to meet pricesas tliey jump off the end of the graph stop by the Summer of Forty Too and piek up on some SUNS. Make S10.00 in an hour by concnetrating on sales at big concerts.movies, events and places where large concentrations of people gat her. We'l! let you know the best times and places to hit on... Look for our coinboxes next week, too... And if your favorite local newstand doesn't yet carry the SUN, ask them why not... The Student Action Committee continúes to fight against the outrageous tuition increase which resulted in a $3.75 million surplus for the Big U. In a surprise move, the Regents voted against the Executive Officer's proposal to keep the money. The Regents' move will return about a quarter of the money to the Student, or about $28 apiece... An outside research agency has recommended that U of M establish its own pólice forcé, al ;m animal ast of over $2 million. That should suit Colonel Davids. the head of the current University pólice forcé, and formerly the Director ol thie Michigan State Pólice. He's used to fancier and more bureaucratie st lift ... Barbara Weinberg and David Fenton of the SUN staff can be seen on "Community Dialogue." an interview show on Cable chanfle) 3, December 3 and dili at around 8 p.m... Luther AHison sat in with Radio King and His Court of Rliytlim las) Monday night ai the Primo Showbar, where Wilson Owens of UPRISING! will be drumming with the Coasters in the near future. The Primo lias been Uie scène ol some fine rationa! acts coming through. And asa late flash, we've heard that Siegall Schwall will jam ai thePrimoaround Nou Year's... WCBN FM broadcast Mighty Joe Young live ai the Primo last Wednesday and the sound was 'jood... 1 wo SI N music editors . Jim Dulzo and Chris McCabe. and conti hul ing writer Bill Adler. all spin records at the student managed WCBN. 8C.5 FM. Dulzo can be heard mixing jazz and rhythm and blues on Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 3. McCabe does a show on Mondays noon to 3 and also sifts through the new record releases Saturdays from 6:30 - 8p.m. Adler's progressive jazz show can be heard Wednesday evening from 8:30 - midnight. All three offer musical history and current radio programming expanded far beyond the usual commercial limitations. .. While the strike against the American Massage Parlor has gotten a lot of publicity, its newly formed women's unión has not. The unión, called LABRYS after the double-headed axe used as an ancient symbol of gynocratic society, will be used to organize other workplaces with predominately female employees. According to the masseuses who are working to créate LABRYS, it can grow to include housewives, secretaries, waitresses and other working sisters... Ann Arbor's bottle ordinance, requiring all soft drink and beer to be sold in returnable containers, is now on trial in Federal court. Local merchants maintain the law will hurt their business. The ordinance lost many of its earlier advocates when it was discovered it would ban all import ed beers from Ann Arbor stores, since they are non-returnable only. Talk about contradrxtions... Time is running out on three Human Rights Party petition drives to put rent control, marijuana penalties, and city council salaries on the April ballot. Approximately 6000 signatures are needed on each pet it ion by January 2,1974. Only about 2000 signatures have been collected so far. You can help get these measures on the ballot by circulating petitions. Packets of petitions, instruction sheets, and expianations of the proposals can be picked upanytime on the bullot in board outside the HRP office at 516 E. WilliJin St. If you would like to bc a part of a systematic etïort to cover various partS of town, cali Jess Hall (665-7212). Ev Erlich (769-4806), or Rich Levy6652570). Help will especially be needed for a last minute drive during the end of December. Control lent. nol weed!... Did you know the record comparries are collidinsr with a vinyl shortage, an outgrowth of the fuel and other shortages now piling up. Vinyl is used to make lps. The result of the squeeze will probably be fewer records out by anyone but the safe superstars... City Council received a petition recently from a "decency" group requ3esting stricter pornography laws for the city. Under a recent Supreme Court ruling, local communities can establish their own standards of "decency" and "obscenity." In Ypsilanti, a citizen's petition will put an obscenity ordinance proposal on the ballot. Citizens there are trying to close down adult bookstores and x-rated movies... No more filthy bodies!... The SUN would like to receive letters from y'all... And in case you still don't believe it, home delivery of the SUN is for REAL. And you get a free album besides. See the back cover... A new Ann Arbor branch of the Detroit Feminist Federal Credit Union will open on Monday, December 3rd. It will opérate out of Feminist House at 225 E. Liberty on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-6 p.m. And Friday night from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Credit unionsare non-profit self-help financial institutions controlled by and for their members -- this is the first women's financial institution in history. At last women will be able to apply for loans without having a male co-signer, which is required at banks and savings and loan associationsü Furthermore, they can be honest about WHY they want a loan, whether it be for a vacation, an abortion, a truck or a divorce. To be a member, a woman merely need pay a fifty cent fee and fill out a card. It is preferred that male applicatits be living with, related to or married to a female member, or else be a member of an anti-sexist group themselves. This is because it is WOMEN who cannot get loans now. Women are needed to help staff the credit union, especially those with bookeeping experience. For more information cali Jane at 665-0916 or stop by the office... A few weeks ago the Ann Arbor News (mouthpiece for the Republican Party and associated banking continued on page 1 1 sunspots continued from page 6 institutions) reported that Mayor Stephenson liad proclaimed a "Youth Appreciation Week." Stephenson rambled on about how the majority of our youth are respectable, etc. ON the same day the News announced that the Republican Party was considering stealing revenue sharing money from the Children's Community Center, Guess they weren't respectable enough... Please mail in interesting tidbits. SUNSPOTS LIVESON!.... LATE ADDITIONS TO THE CALENDAR Friday, November 30 - Ark - Helen Schneyer - $2 Saturday, Dec. 1 - Ark - Helen Schneyer - $2 Sunday, December 2 - Ark - Jan Voss - $2 Art show at the Primo showbar noon - 6p.m. Monday, Dec. 3 - Flick's - Mojo Boogie Band -75 Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Flick's - Mojo Boogie Band - 75 Thursday, Dec. 6 - King Pleasure - Jimmy Reed Ark - INtermediary - $1 Flick's - Brookly Blues Busters - 75 Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7-8 King Pleasure - Jimmy Reed - $3.00 Ark - Marshall Dodge - $2 Sunday - December 9 - Ark - benefit for the Ark and La Leche League - $2 Monday - December 10 - Flick's - The Vipers -50 Tuesday - December 11 - Flick's - Mojos - 75t Thursday - Dec. 13 - King Pleasure - Jimmy Smith$3.00 Flick's - Brooklyn Blues Busters - 75 The SUN would like to thank everyone who contributed to making our benefit two weeks ago at the Primo Showbar a success. The benefit raised $206.00 for the SUN af ter expenses; it carne just in time, too to help us meet last issue's print cost. Special thanks to the Primo and to LIGHTNIN', OKRA and the AFRO AMERICAN DRUM TROUPE. The bands donated their time for free, and the Primo gave the SUN the entire door charge of SI . Also thanks go to WABX, WWWW, WIOT, ' CKLW, WCBN and the Michigan Daily for helping us promote the event as a public service. The Benefit brought in $288.00 cash (plus ten people were admitted free for doing flyer distribution and selling SUNS). Expenses break down as follows: Street flyer paper and production S10 Street flyer distribution $10 Truck Renta! $15 Band expenses $15 Equipment movers $30 Gas $2 Total $82 Income for the SUN: $206.00