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WE NEED YOU! The SUN is looking for people who want o help make this newspaper into a pernanent, stable. ahernative institution of his community. lf you'd like to plug into the SUN in any iny of the following áreas, give us a cali it 761-7148 or drop by our offices jaily above the Blind Pig at 208 S. First. -LOCAL AD SALESPERSON, to approach various businesses in town to advertise in the SUN. This job pays money on a percentage basis and can provide a decent income to whoever undertakes it, depending directly on liow much effort they put into it. -SUN SALESPEOPLE to earn money :y selling the SUN at concerts, events, movies, on the streets, etc. This activity provides immediate remuneration at the rate of 10 cents per issue sold. A concentrated hour of selling the paper at at a crowded local event can provide much needed spare bilis and change. No shit. Cali us and we'll let you know the best times and places to hit. TYPISTS. on both a paid and 'olunteer basis, to typeset the SUN ind transcribe interviews. -WRITERS! People who want to write news, columns or features, report on local events andor undertake investigations into local politics and corruption. -PHOTOGRAPHERS who know how to use a darkroom... -ARTISTS, cartoonists, and people interested in learning design, layout and offset production. -PEOPLE to help with simple tasks like proofreading and corrections. -MONEY...we would like to purchase several more c'oinboxes for street disiribution and are looking for loans of $65 to cop them with, páyable back with interest. -SUGGESTIONS for articles and other types of content. -HOME DELIVERY subscriptións. Sign up your friends. Get the SUN delivered straight tu your door on publication day, and a free album besides... it,v xoo. hf.rc'5 what Wc d"v "Wc btsi't íhib uncfergr'ouritJ paper, ''Gfoovy TIKHS and we sW in Soné j l riht-on ar-tfdes soife nudie p'. get J y jome pyke-delic srtwwk. r-aps on y