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I Without music lif e would be a mistake. I -EWNietzsche ft I GRIN I I BUYPRESTOn I I $lLRSWHEEL I I A brilliant first album f rom The Ozark After three highly acclaimed albums, Billy's latest includes "Space Race;1 The second album f rom the group who Mountain Daredevils. Includes "Country Grin has gone crazy. This, their A&M his smash follow-up to "Outa-Space" and brought you "Stuck ín The Middle Girl" and "Within Without" debut, includes "True Thrili:' "Will It Go Round ín Circles" With You" Includes "Star!' Ql Bal Vm ' M W HRMINGHAM I. LANSING ANNARIOR ANNARBOR (CAIAMAZOO X f ■■JtUPBIIIJ 137 W. Moplt ld 7Í3225ANNST 300 S STATE 1235 UNIVERS'TY 101 í MICHIGAN AVE ■■ 313-447-8377 5173518460 3136653679 j 3136689866 6163458655 I Shawn's fifth album is enough to make . "We've Only Just Begun;' "Close To You;' I ■ you get his first four. Includes 'Bright "Singi' 'Superstar,' "Top Of The World " I ■ White!' the tule single. and the rest of Carpenters' best. Give music f or Chr istmas f rom A&M Records. I