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The Blind Pig

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"O Lord Most High, Qeator of the Cosmos, _ Spinner of Galaxies, Soul of Electromagnetic Wives, Inhaler and Exhaler of Inconceivable Volumes of Vacuüm, Spitter of Fire and Rock, Trifler with Millenia-what could we do for jg Thee that Thou couldst not do for Thyself one octillion times better? Nothing. What could we do or say that could possibly interest ♦ Thee? Nothing. Oh, Mankind, rejoice in the apathy of our Creator, for it makes us free and truthfuland dignified at last. No longer can a fooi like Malachi Constant point to a ridiculous accident of good luck and say, 'Somebody up there likes me.' And no longer can a tyrant say, 'God wants this or that to happen, and anybody who ♦ doesn't help this or that to happen is against God.' O Lord Most High, what a glorieus weapon is Thy Apathy , for wc have unsheathed it, have thrust and slashed L mightily with it, and the claptrap that has so often enslaved us or driven us into the madhousc lies slain!" The Reverend C Horner Redwine (from The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vnnnemit. Jr. ) paid f or this space