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"coke" Or Coke

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"Coke" or coke

Dear Editor: re: your issue of Oct. 8, 1973

Unfortunately, staff writers and proofreaders in their rush to meet deadlines sometimes forget that "Coca-Cola" and "Coke'" are registered trademarks and thus are entitled to the same typographic treatment as a proper name. When this oversight occurs, we simply must notify the publications (whose management invariably understands proper trademark usage), or risk the loss of the protection now given our valuable trademarks by the Federal Lanham Trademark Act.

The erratum appeared in the aboye mentioned issue when Coke was written with a lower case "c". We appreciate your mentioning Coke in your publication and we would also appreciate your routing this note to the members of your staff who might be concerned with our problem.

Many thanks.

William J. Davis
Coca-Cola Co.

Mr. Davis of Coke has bothered to communicate with us because Coca-Cola may be in danger of losing its exclusive trademark, undet a law which voids a trademark if the word goes into popular usage for other products.