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nq Wnn Tray On L.1P $6.50 Sfnd F SI Youi Hiqhiirtli' Ti.iv OU Ancl_Ypm Ski-I' D" ■■ ■ I' ET HIGHTIME. PO Box 1732, Boise. Idaho 83701 I e send me Hightimii Tr.iys dl S6.50 üjcIi plus SI 50 for ijhipping on ectch triy Name . - . - . Street. ' I State. _Z.ii)__ j . Vnui fjtcjrr-, Will Bc Apptt-i Lilid & Handled Ptumptlv - -Ojjiciji Lnuuinea elcgjTiLd - . - Pnanl -Pttndtnq 9" X 12' X "r CARVED SOI ID MAHOGANY WALNUT STAINED U'Mutifullv Hand Finished ROLL WITH IT . . . After all the years of messing with cluttered table tops. album covers and other makeshift rolling & serving surfaces, we thought you would like to have a conenient useable tray. TURN ON WITH IT . . . After rolling, the Hightime Tray keeps your I stash and paraphernaha altogether and accessible I for contmued use Place the tray by your side or in the middle of a circle of friends GO TO BED WITH IT . . . You can move everything quickly and easily i to another room and even take it to bed The Hightime Tray also provides a stable surface on Jwaterbeds. A NEW GIFT FOR YOUR OLD FRIENDS f