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J Wkru K ■ ■■ ■ ■ KfgJ aiul Vanesa Rodgravc ín " I '. i : I winter lint schedule i j HAROLD & MAUDE VI. i "B PINK FLAMINGOES lLj IL. (starring Divine & Mink Stole) DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE . oj I (with Alice Cooper in special carneo appearance) ROMA (Fellini) W BELLE DE JOUR (LuisBunuei) móm STATE OF SIEGE (Costa Gavras) JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (Dalton A W Trumbo) DEVINE, transvestite who shocked BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDaily News I DANCE KID Warhol tells Fellini - "You must see: (from the director of Slaughterhouse-Five with PINK FLAMINGOS" Robeit Redford, Paul Newman, Katherine Ross) ■ % SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER I (Truffaut) IN COLD BLOOD (Truman Capote, director Richard Brooks) CRIES AND WHISPERS (Igmar Bergman) I t I GARDEN OF FINZI - CONTINIS t r%f Vf lií (De Sica, AcademyAward, Best Foreign 1972) ,--- tt w Y?rr L'AMOUR (Andy Warhol's latest) (_ 0 J ULIHí 1 BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR fe éé0Ê THE CONFORMIST WT. B (by the director of Last Tango in Paris) ■ i ■ THE DECAMER0N (PKni) %j WÊ ROMEO AND JULIET (Zeffirelli) PERSONA (Igmar Bergman) No ordinal" BL I THE SOUND OF MUSIC 1 love story.... -T j ■ LADY SINGS THE BLUES (Diana Ross) also coming: Kurt Vonnegut's HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANDA JUNE on April 16 and the Midwest Premier of COCAÏNE FIELDS April 1 7. and Ken Russel's new fílm SA VAGE MESSIAH on March 1 4. Most Showtimes at 7 and 9pm. See "The Daily" or "Record" for exact times j or cali 761 -9855. _ BHB