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1. Girl From The North Countrv was written for: a. Joan Baez b. Suze Rotólo c. Mimi Fariña d. Echo Helst rom 2. Which of the following albums does not appear on Dylan's floor on the cover of Bringing lt All Back Home? a. ImpressionsKeep On Pushing b. The Immortal Dinah Washington c. Folk Blues of Eric Anderson d. Lotte Lenya 3. And on the same subject, the woman on that cover sitting behind Dylan is: a. Albert Grossman's wife, Sally b. Clive Davis' mistress, Trixie c. John Hammond's daughter, Joanna d. Bob Dylan's sister, Gertrude 4. Song to Woody is for Woody. a. Strode b. Woodpecker c. Guthrie d. Herman 5. Who of the folio wing has never recorded a Dylan tune? a. Four Seasons b. Faces c. Rita Coolidge i d. Steve Miller 6. Dylan stole his arrangement of Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (1962) from: a. Ramblin' Jack Elliot b. Woody Guthrie c. Dave Von Ronk d. Paul Stookey 7. The Concert for Bangladesh took place in: a. Carnegie Hall, 1970. b. Madison Square Garden, 1971. c. Lincoln Center, 1969. d. New York Coliseum, 1972. 8. Dylan's sometimes pseudonym is: a. Patrick Sky b. Dirty Rivers c. Blind Boy Grunt d. Eddie Arno ld 9. Dylan plays harmonica behind Harry Belafonte on the album: a. Calypso b. Belafonte at Carnegie Hall c. Belafonte Meets Odetta d. The Midnight Special 10. Dylan didn't write: a. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall b. Rainy Day Women #21 & 35 c. What Have They Done To The Rain? d. Winterlude 1 1 . Dylan first recorded with a rock band in: a. 1965 (Bringing It All Back Home) b. 1962 (Mixed Up ConfusionCorrina Corrina) c. 1963 (Bob Dylan's Dream) d. 1965 (Highway 61 Revisited) 12. In 1970, Dylan got an honorary degree from: a. Harvard b. Boston University c. Yale d. Princeton 13. Dylan wasborn: a. May 24, 1941 - Duluth, Minnesota b. January 1 1 , 1943 - Hibbing, Minnesota c. March 30, 1938 - Taos, New Mexico d. November 6, 1946 - Brooklyn, New York 14. The first rock group to record Dylan was: a. The Byrds b. The Animáis c. The Blues Project d. Levon and the Hawks 15. The first rock band to back Dylan was: a. The Band b. Paul Butterfield's Blues Band c. Blues Project d. Little Richard Answers-. ELi pn -q i o 01 P'6 -:)'8 ■q- -3-9 -p-c -o-p -b-L -q-L "P'I This supplement paid for by Columbia Records.