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Editorial Collective: Barbara Weinberg (Art Director), Dianne Ripley (Comptroller.Production), David Fenton (Business Manager, Music Editor), Carol Shackson (Production), Ellen Hoffman (Editorial). Local Advertising Sales: Stanley Zillifro & Elaine Wright. Circulation: Pun Plamondon and Gary Brown Distribution: Rainbow Trucking Co., and Big Rapids Distribution, Detroit. Contributing Editors: Ellen Frank (movies), MichaelCastleman (Free People's Clinic), John Sinclair, Linda Ross. STAFF THIS ISSUE: Tom Kuzma, Woody McGee, Mike Minnich, Jim Dulzo, Bill Adler, Freddie Brooks, James McCarthy, David Cahill. Carson Napier, Jeanne Hing, Gary Grimshaw, Liz Coleman, Eli Zaret, Ric McNally, Lauren Jones, Wayne Indyk, Greg Fox, Chris Frayne, Gary Keil, Dan Alldredge, Richard Friedericks, David Knapp, Bill Koopman, David Goodman, Shannon Harrison, Jewel, Shaun McShane, Chris McCabe, Andy Perellis, Pete Sinclair, with room for MANY more ... The Ann Arbor SUN is published by the Ann Arbor SUN, hic, a registered Michigan non and anti-profit Corporation. Offices are at 208 S. First Street. Phone (313) 761-7148. Articles, cartoons," photographs and positive energy may be submitted anytime.