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Natural Cures Herbal Medicines

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X X Xi-omHevveUynsivioüno.gnBook, J974 " PrLTcomPaed by Tom - Jevve, VSf tff In today 's modern society with countless synthetic I VlK drugs, the question may well be asked: Why use herbs? vJP) But after experiencing the plethora ofside effects of AVI synthetic medicines, people today are remming at last 1 J to the valuable remedial properties of herbs and fruit )jA and vegetable juices. Nature's cures are the herbs and rh their seeds that grow naturally all over the earth and (f with which the human form has evolved inseparably rW J over countless een tunes. Sf Herbal healing predates recorded history. lts mev& thods, handed down from generation to generation, v 1 were the basics for the witch lore of the past, and sup. si plied, as well, the flrst medical advances in the treatYSff ment of most human disease. f w Unnecessary, profit-motivated advertising has turned n A People's heads toward the quick acting pain relieving UA drugs ofscience that elimínate the body's symptoms fXiJ and warning signáis, but do not eradicate the cause of w the disease. Herbs are food for the human body and YvA ney contain tne v'tomins, minerals and other t nu tri tional factors necessary to the balance of the QJJ body 's systems, as do the other natural foods we eat k( (vegetables, fruits, grains, etc). The purpose of a remedy is to help the body cure itself. When certain organic minerals and vitamins necessary for balance are lacking in our diet, disease results. Herbs supply the body with the essential elements it needs to rebuild the areas weakened or damaged by disease. Synthetic drugs kill disease organisms, but destroy as well the necessary and benefwial organisms that promote absorption ofnutrients, vitamin BI 2 synthesis, and protection against invading disease organisms. Moreover, synthetic drugs do not correct thé underlying nutritional imbalance so that although the manifestation of disease is removed, the patiënt is rendered susceptible to new disease, which inevitably reoccurs. Natural herbs have an'advantage over modern drugs. As they are living energy-matter, herbs contain an organic combination ofsubstances in the proportions needed by the human body. In their natural form the body can easily assimilate and convert them into healing remedies. Moreover, because of these elements, herbs can be used effectively as an aid to the body in preventingas well as healing disease. HOW TO PREPARE HERBAL REMEDIES jjffl INFUSIONS are made as is regular tea, by pouring 1 pint boiling water over 'A ounce of herb flowers or I W leaves and steeping for a few minutes. Honey is someVK times added for sweetening. n DECOCTIONS are made of the hard parts of the fij herbthe sterns, roots, bark, seeds-and they have to Jjf boil for some time to extract their full value. Vk Tomate a FOMENTATION dip a cloth or heavy fo) towel into a decoction or an infusión. Wring out the I Y extra moisture and apply externally to the affected área. 0L For SALVES, take 8 parts vaseline or lard to 2 parts } herbal, stir, and mix well while hot. Use when cool. MJ Tomakea POULTICE, put the herbs loosely in a VSf flannel bag large enough to cover the area. Pour boding 141 water over the bag and then wring out the extra moisMK ture inside a towel. Use the poultice as hot as possible. . 1) It is good for nerve pains, painful joints and muscles, V7 and promotes restful sleep when applied to the abdomen. A )m gn nda S are - tofattri HEMSTRUai. íyperiodótr per voos d;e (tes-. raiate troube ace Pain .n clnPV S0RES,CUTSWOUNQS k Pouíticc, ofgrsted rauü I rt; comf reu; dandel ion Jn red cloverj SüJC cicey;5kunkcabbagciyar ] r ach rr.eaL, W &t& Wsst06 ' cod „ver o. I or fc e3 __ cf}'n dailu , ECZW4 cTe a o.ntment of a or boricacid fnse-. ,der inf ater. Interna { of soap lthin,or spican tate 'P'nta.r, co3va(erLan; EXE5,BIACKOB Ofig IüSö arnoa ín water íf .. ■ ,. DroKen,oru,chze,- - i-F it ,s broten PoültlCG of scraped rao pof-at0cs ,5 ateo or öark circe3 apd[ faded esMJJf'9 more blueHJSSisuiülS1 Ssre bed,