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Hole-in-one For Gulf

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(ZNS) One of the industries that was expected to be hit hardest by the so-called "energy crisis" was the "recreational-vehicle business"--the industry which turns out camper trucks and other motor-home products. While recreational vehicle companies are folding around the nation, and while campgrounds that cater to these vehicles are also closing down, guess who's quietly cornering the recreational-vehicle market? none other than the Gulf Oil Corporation. Gulf Oil, through one of its subsidiaries called "Venture out in America," is quietly acquiring camper businesses, campgrounds and other recreational vehicles throughout the United States. Thus, while other companies are bailing out of the recreational-vehicle field because of the "energy shortage," Gulf Oil is moving into it in a big way. Gulf reports purchasing vehicles and facilities in California, Oregon and Florida, and says it plans to keep expanding into the field. When asked if Gulf might knowsomething about the "energy crisis" which other companies don't, Gulf officials insist not. They say that the decisión to move into the recreaLonal vehicle field was made several years ago, before energy shortages hit; and add that they are confïdent that the camper business will become quite profitable again.