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tte 317 N. Seventh rHjAjL, Across f rom West Park Jlv" - Tic. The Chidren's Community Center will offer _y Oo V regular Friday and Saturday night child care from rW -C5 -jisfrAiku T 7 p"m' to ' a'm" witil children from 2'2 7 years N, . W ' ' The Center K licensed by 'he Dept. of Social i 7 H@!8ÍVL '' 7 Services and experienced child-care workers will lW-'T' HJi be on hand to work and play with the children, w H-! " i$t'vLs &L'■ ' srlow movies, prepare snacks (please bring some -H % VJÍ 1 Sj food we can share), put children to bed (bring Wt. O ƒ ifW&BKp X rf ' blankets. too!), and penerally provide lots nt'lenly '"yS SwE " J der loving care. If you would like to volunteer y ' .-, T?Kfi! (TT1 or work as a babysitter, please cali the CCC. XZm, Tïfykffii i,yí RATES: 50 cents an hour and 50 cents every J. tv-if-rCi. - half hour after 1 a.m. hËT -tÜVlE'" - r (for second, third...children, 25 cents per hour) -K )■ l" TC RESERVATIONS: Since our space is limited, -ST W 'U X-Jfcr Please ca" the ccc between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. TTvT daily' pHONE663t392 or 662-1916, 7-10 p.m. to make reservations.