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Voter registration sites are the latest Republican-created shortage, as City Republicans moved to limit registra tion to only four days at six sites before the March 4 deadline. And in a counter-move, the Human Rights Party has announced a suit against the city to open additional sites and allow door-to-door registration in order to get more people registered. Voter registration has become a vital issue in the drive to get the needed 16,000 voters out April 1 . Two sweeping ballot proposals - rent control and the S5 marijuana fine - are dependent upong getting this many progressive voters to the polls in April to become law. But traditionally, political conservatives are more likely to be registered and more likely to vote. Without a strong registration drive, progressive voters may find them themselves unable to vote because they missed the March 4 deadline. City Republicans, out to defeat the S5 fine and rent control, are using limited sites to prevent heavy registration by young voters. By limiting hours to make it difficult for people who work or attend school to register. ' and by limiting sites to make it difficult for people without transportation to register, the Republicans hope to discourage the young and poor from making the effort. But this year, the young and the poor have the best reason to register and vote. Rent control and the S5 marijuana fine most directly benefit them. And these people are a majority in Ann Arbor. (There are over 40,000 students currently registered at the University, and the majority are eligible to vote in the city). Voter registration requirements aré simple. A person must be 1 8 by the time of the election (April 1 ), and must be currently living in the city at the time of registration. For students and other new residents of Ann Arbor, any previous registration outside of the city will be automatically transferred by the City Clerk when you register here. Students who live in the city only eight months of the year, or are in University housing are eleigible to vote in Ann Arbor. In order to make registering easy for people who don't have transportation, both the Democrats and the Human Rights Party are preparing plans for a shuttle service to registration sites. People who need rides can contact the SUN or either of the parties to get further details on the ride service. WHY REPUBS DISCOURAGE VOTERS Mayor James Stephenson, who proposed-the current set of registration sites, is also the Republican who offered his office to centralize efforts to defeat the S5 weed níOU CAN VOTE IN $5 WEED $ -. RENT CONTROL!! BUT FIRST YA ) s GOTTA REGISTER! J i Register to Vote Sat, Wed., Thurs., Fri., Feb. 23, 27, 28, and March 1 . MICHIGAN UNION, 1 2 PM - 4 PM PLYMOUTH MALL, 4 PM - 8 PM PUBLIC LIBRARY, 5 PM - 9 PM MAPLE VILLAGE, 4 PM - 8PM STONE SCHOOL, Sat. Feb. 23 (1 2 PM - 4 PM) COMMUNITY CENTER, 8 AM - 5 PM daily and evenings when staff is in attendance. CITY HALL, CLERK'S OFFICE, 2nd FLOOR 8 AM - 5 PM(Mon. - Fri.) and Sat, March 2nd ( 8 AM - 5 PM) Monday, March 4 (8 AM -8 PM) More registration sites may be announced. Cali the SUN (761-7148), the HRP (761-6650), or the Democratie Party (665-6529) for more inforl mation and for free rides to the registration sites.