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EARTH, WIND & FIRE and I WEATHEREPOIfT appearing in concert at E M U j BOWEN FIELDHOUSE SUNDAX MARCH 3 j I EARTH.WIND&FIRE EARTH, WIND FIRE I WEATHER REPORT I WEATHER REPORT j LAST DAYS AND time HEADTÖTHESKY ISING THE BODY ELECTRIC SWEETNIGHTER inrluriinn including: 'Houding including ■ MnTim nnYn,,,;rf EvilKeepYour HeadToThcSkyClover UnknoiVn Soldier SecondSundaylnAugust Boogie Woogie Waltz Will Makelt W?thYoWRemembrTÍwChildren BuildYour NestThe Worlds A Masquerade DireaionsVertjCalkiwderDononsCausa 125lh Street Congress Manolete Adios_ O mF Cf1 H bBkLjQ tf&fc $t iiSt 2fr' TkaC KC 31702 KC 32194 KC 31352 KC 32210 . Earth, Wind & Fire is an exciting Hot on the trail of their exciting first Weather Report, "live" and in the studio: TMS record represents an extensión of piece groupwhose hit single "Mom" leads album and a dynamic cross-country tour. Frank Zappa called it "excellent and their powerful music combining their exyou into an album which combines the Earth, Wind & Fire are back with a beautiful." Jazz and rock mixed nto an cellent taste with six very special compobest elements of R&B, jazz and ond album that furthers their strength in unrelenting and exciting album. sitions. all designed for p easure and sive rock. contemporary music. lP"ece that yOU " talk about and available at 31 On Columbia Records and Tapes ; IN THE MICHIGAN UNION i2im ■■■■MjBBaMiiiaiiiiiitiaaÉiiBlBaaBiBiiia