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3rd World Solidarity Conference

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Friday-Feb. 22 Hill Auditorium


8:00–Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder American Indian Movement (AIM) active Native American leader

8:50–Asian-American slide show

9:10–Angela Davis


Saturday FEb. 23

11:00–MASS RALLY on the Diag. Rally to support sisters and brothers at the Wounded Knee trials. Speakers: Butch Oldshield; Clyde Bellecourt

2:00 Workshops on: Campus Politics: "Misrepresentation and Repression", Speakers include: Ted Liu, co-director Minority Affairs Commission. Student Govt. Council Lee Gill, former president of Student Govt. Council Lydia Ortiz, active member of the Chicano at Michigan, co-director of Minority Affairs Commission SGC Martha Fishman, Council person for Student Govt.

3:00 Curriculum "The Racist Nature of Our Education" Speakers include: Arturo Marroquin, Professor of Psychology at UofM Les Owens, Director of Afro American Studies Bill Wei, Doctoral Candidate for Chinese Studies, member of East Wind. Kevin Hart–Native American Student Association

4:00 Minority Programs "The Need and the Absence" Speakers include: Wayne Wheeler–Native American Student Association Richard Garland, The Black Advocate Homero de la Crus

5:00 National Issues

Farm Workers, speaker David Super, member of Chicano at Michigan State of Present Nixon Administration in it's relation to the Third World People.

9:00 Party for all Peoples!

Tickets on sale in the lobby of the Michigan Union, $1.00