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It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us treat it that way? Eating a Standard American breakfast cereal with a little milk & sugar gives you a spurt of energy about a half hour after it is eaten. But by the middle of the morning that energy has been used up and your body crashes.

An alternative to these up and down blues is GRANOLA. Granola is a natural balanced cereal made with whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits which has the ability to amply supply your body with a steady flow of energy all morning long. This sustained energy comes from the fact that granola has exceedingly more protein & fats, which are transformed into energy more slowly than carbohydrates found in the average breakfast cereal. So granola gives you a slow seepage of energy into your system for several hours while with cornflakes you have a quick infusion, then a heavy letdown. Next time you eat it, you will notice the difference!

If you have never eaten granola, here is a basic recipe you could work with & hopefully develop your own suited to your tastes. All the food is called for can be found at the People's Food Cooperative at 722 Packard in Ann Arbor. 


8C rolled oats

2C rye flakes

2C wheat flakes

1/2C soy flakes

1 1/2C sesame seeds

1C sunflower seeds

1C wheat germ

1 pinch sea salt

peanuts, cashew pieces, walnuts, almonds, pecans, brazils, filberts or pecan meal (optional treats)


1C honey

1C oil (soy, corn, safflower)

1/2C peanut butter


raisons, currants, dates, figs, etc. cut in small pieces in any amount desired.

(1) In a large bowl mix the dry ingredients well. 

(2) In a smaller bowl mix liquid ingredients until peanut butter is liquified.

(3) Pour liquid into dry ingredients, coating well.

(4) Place coated raw granola onto cookie sheets or baking pan (oiling not necessary) & put into 300-degree oven stirring from bottom when top is browned. baking until oats are crunchy & granola is deep brown but not black. 

(5) Turn off heat & place dried fruit mix on top of baked granola. Take out after 1 or 2 minutes.

(6) Let cool. Store in pastic bags in refrigerator. Eat with milk & fruit! 

If you can't get it together to make your own, there is granola being sold through the People's Food Cooperative at 722 Packard, A2. This granola is made by 4 A2 people who are working together with the Co-op to provide the community with the with this whole at between 45 & 55¢ a lb. The Co-op fronts the bakers the raw food, & every Tues. between the late night hours of 3 AM & 9 AM they bake approximately 600 lbs of granola. Pizza Bob's is allowing the Co-op to rent their ovens after hours for $10.

The bakers are paid $15 apiece by the Co-op for their energy, hardly enough to support oneself. However, the Co-op is looking toward this operation to develop into a co-operatively owned & run non-profit bakery that will be able to support its workers. here, not only granola could be baked but also good whole bread & goodies at people's prices. Very recently, another group of people began baking bread for the Co-op on this same late night basis. So now the search is on for more bakers & a more suitable time & place. If a co-operative bakery is to become a reality we will have to find baking equipment such as mixers, ovens, bread pans, etc. If you are interested in baking, organizing the bakery, or have some good ideas & suggestions contact the People's Food Cooperative at 761~8173 or better yet come to the Community Co-op meetings, every Wed. nights at 7:30 PM.