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ƒ!_--__ i I 9 1 Jonnny Winter HSjHflH Saints & Sinners I I including: ■B !■ IStoneCountyBoneyMoroneyBlindedByLovel rjfj KJi V11W1V%' Hurtin So Bad Feedback On High way 101 I í9HBHHB0Í4l When Hl & 'W AMBOY DUKES; "CALL OF THE WILD" JOHIMNY WINTER; "SAINTS AND SINNERS" The first release in several vean from the legenclary WT The must recent Winter release, with help from (J, , the Center of the Mind) Michigan guitcir mVH Rick DenirJ8er and brother Edgar, includes songs vin I Nugenl with the Amboy Dukes. MJMM by the Stones, Chuck Berry, the Coasters, Van brand new album, on Discreet Records. Morrison and others. On Columbio Records. "ANN ARBOR BLUES AND JAZZ FESTIVAL' Arlan ie with higl ti al. including Jr. Wal Dr. Johi Hound Dog Tav lot and other BILLYCOBHAM; "SPECTRUM" - Atlantic lp by the M drummer fi r the Mahavishnu % Orchcstra. xmmcuxBr 1 Sj I u "IMPULSIVELY" - a two re: sampler lp raken rom Impulse jazz releases, with short, aeeessible en ts by John Col trane. Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Keitli Jarret and many others. JOHN SINCLAIR; "GUITAR ARM Y" - includes writin A ÍC5 per(i rioü, as well as essays pennecl . " and then overtuming s; Michigan 's marijuana L?'-'■ kMir'---rM. E NOW! Mailing costs have gone up, Vífc, mh' iew and faster mai DONE YEAR SUBSCRPTON $5 D TWO YEARS 10 Please send me: (indícate 1st and 2nd choices.) _CALLOF THE WILD _SAINTS & SINNERS _GUITAR ARMY -ANNARBOR BLUES AND JAZZ FESTIVAL _IMPULSIVELY -SPECTRUM NAME ADDRESS ! CITY STATE ZIP Send to: Ann Arbor SUN 208 S. First St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 48I08 t „1 ■