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'A Co-op meaos no profil, iw roiddlemen. GOOI) I OOD. The people ihai cal ti.x.iít. cuso huy and bag Ihe had. Supcrnwrket pricos go UP;tuid tluii with iheCo-op. A sample t-ck: 2 rapefruil, 5 oranges, ieanetiutc, bunth broccoli, squash, sínn.K bcans, ruiiishus, 5 catrols, 4 p naioe, ;reen oníons. 3 tomatoes. 5 apples, 3 ban;imis, tele ry anti musbrooms. PF.OPLE'S PROOICK (OOP: f;resh !-ruit and Vegetables every Satutday AM, S4.25. Oh cese and Uggs' S1.75. Cali Sol at 449-4210 or Bil! at 662-8329 or Larry ai 665-3122 for information. Order at 1035 Martin Place. l( A.M-2 PM Saturdays or see Ruth at HOI Olivia on Tuesday or Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 6:3(1 PM; Thursdavs: tl: 30 AM -6:00 1M. BABYSIT! 'INCi: Friday and Saturday nights at the Ohitdrcn's Commmúty Center in Ann Arbat, Mich. 5()t per hour startin at 7 PM to 1 AM. Childrert's night out i'rom you with othei children lo play with. l:or reserva íions cali - 663-4392 10AM - 5 PM or 662-1916 SPM-10PM. MIL) A PART TIME GIG TO MAKL t.NDS MI l.'l' Raíubow Agency needs part time workers (o distribute ttyers, posters a n cl handbills. Contact Pun at 769-S850. PIPIS: below .wholevalc. lo qualil'ied distributorsjobhers. 16 pg. color cataloi;. BRASS HEAD INC. 68-1) Lámar St. W., Babylon. New York 11704. I-'OR SAUi: [wo S-UHck tape ptayers, one auto, ono home. Cheap. Cal! Mikcat 663-5135. Tapes tor: WAN ni): A hjgh quaiiiy BASSOON lor a re;imatle price. Cali Eiaine ai 769-5130; ___ WANTED: People to correspond with prisoners, Send ytur name and address to the' SUN, we'H send you a list oí 4 prisuners ín State and ï-'ecieral prísons. FOR SALE: Martin D-35 wcase $425. Cal) 761-8925 . FOR SALE: Ampeg VT-40, Guitat Amp 65 RMS, 4-10's. Sunn Sceplre Guitar Amp, 65 RMS, 4I2's. Cali 665-0409. FOR SALE: VW squareback, blue, '66, 23 miles per gallon. Cali 6634626 PRIVATE DRUM LESSONSt Specializing in rock, blues, boogie, 3nd jazz. Cali Mark at 665-6219 or 665-2866. RATES Non-bttsiness ciassificds are .5 cents per word. A word is any separate group of characters. F:ot atJreading"Lor a Martin D-3S Guitar. goot) conditiop. $300, cali 777-7777" woutd be 1 1 words, as tney are underlined. The minimum charye for any ad is S 1 . Business classifieds ure 10 cents per word, with the minimum charge per ad ot' S2. If you charge money lor a service, yon are a business!! Ads fnm Non-Ptofii Orgániíatíons. Lost and Found Ads. and Public Service Announcements wil! be allowed 25 free words. At'ter the first 25 words the rate wil) be 5 cents per word; (ApproxJrnately 5 words fit on onettne of prini.) DEADLINE All ads must be in our office and patd tor by 5 pm, Saturday March 2nd. We can not print any ads until we have received payment. Checks may be made out to the Arm Albor SUN. PRINT VOUR AD EXACTLY AS 1TSHOULD APPEAR IN THE SUN and send it to CLASSIHt-DS, Ann Arbor SUN, 208 S. First St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108.