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Harry Kevorkian

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Harry Kevorkian

3rd Ward - HRP

There are a number of issues which I am emphasizing in my campaign in the Third Ward.  The two ballot issues relating to marijuana and rent control are important and need to be spoken to.  Ann Arbor has the second highest rent level in the U.S. Conditions in many buildings are unsatisfactory with landlords grabbing for high profits without concern for tenants' living conditions.  Rent control and tenant control are essential for satisfactory housing.

Another issue which needs to be emphasized is 24 hour transportation.  Women, gay people, workers and the elderly are confronted with fear of attack because of their inability to move freely within the city during much of the day.  This must be corrected.

The Police Department must be brought under the control of the community if the rights of women blacks, other racial minorities, and gays are the be adequately protected--rather than trampled on--by police.

As a gay person, I am intensely interested in issues concerning Ann Arbor's substantial gay community.  I am running as an HRP candidate because HRP is the only political party to substantially deal with gay issues.  There has been a general failure on the part of the city administration to deal with gay people and their problems, especially in the area of enforcement of the sexual preference section of the Human Rights Ordinance.  I hope that my candidacy will expose to the people of Ann Arbor this and other issues of importance.

Harry is 26, and a resident of Ann Arbor since 1965.  He has been involved in HRP for 2 years, and served as party coordinator in fall, 1973.  He is active in gay liberation, and is treasurer and a member of the board of directors of Gay Community Services of Ann Arbor, Inc.