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Margo Nichols

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Margo Nichols

4th Ward - HRP

I am running as an HRP candidate in the 4th Ward because I feel it is important for the people of this ward to have an alternative to the traditional parties in this election.

Rent Control is an issue of direct interest to people city-wide.  There are many people who rent in the 4th Ward, and they have a direct stake in seeing high rental profits controlled so that their housing is available at a more reasonable price.  Homeowners, who are the target of a massive scare campaign by landlords, should realize that they can only gain from any measure which improves housing in the city.  Homeowners should also be able to see through the self-serving arguments used by landlords to protect their own interests, and should realize that landlords care little more for the welfare of homeowners than they do for that of tenants.

HRP has fought on City Council for the past 2 years to see city priorities directed towards meeting human needs such as housing, medical care, transportation, and other neglected social services.  We have fought for a more realiztic and humane approach to marijuana through work on the $5 fine law.  These measures have been resisted by both Democrats and Republicans on City Council all along.

Although HRP has no realistic chance of winning this year in the 4th ward--although 4th Warders will not be truly represented on Council until a fairer, proportional representation system is adopted--we are running so that voters in this ward will have a real choice.

Margo Nichols is a librarian at Washtenaw Community College, and is active in her union there.  She has been active in HRP for several years, and has served as chairperson of the Education Committee.