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Jesse Hall

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Jesse Hall

5th Ward - HRP

Although HRP faces about the same chances in the Fifth Ward as the Republicans do in the Second, I am running here because I want to provide Fifth Ward voters with an alternative perspective, raise important issues, and provide you with more information so that you can better exercise your judgement.

If you live in the Fifth Ward, you are probably someone who works very hard to make a moderate income.  You probably spend a great deal more of that income on necessities, such as food and housing, than you would like.  Inflation brought on by disastrous national policies affects you directly.  HRP favors price controls on necessities, and the rent control proposal on this April's ballot is an example of this: I urge you to vote yes.

You probably earn your moderate income at a job in which you have little say over conditions and demands made of you.  I feel that democracy must be extended to the work place, allowing the people who are most directly involved a say in the way things are done.

If you live in the Fifth Ward, you may feel threatened by feminists and gays and what they stand for.  Don't be.  If the nuclear family is truly a better lifestyle, it will withstand the pressure; if not, you should learn from its failings.

Although this statement may not produce many votes for HRP in the Fifth Ward, it is an honest statement of some of HRP's principles, and unlike its chameleon opponents, HRP is a principled party.

Jesse is an Economics graduate student at the U of M.  He has worked as a factory foreman, on a sanitation crew and at various other jobs.  He has been active in HRP for several years and is a member of the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE).