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Colleen Mcgee

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Colleen McGee

1st Ward - Democrat

My concern in this campaign is with realistic assessment of our priorities as a city and of our ability to provide the services we see as most important.  People make a city a community.  We must set budget priorities to reflect our concern for the needs of all Ann Arbor citizens.  Community services, transportation, planning, equal rights, and crimes against people are issues which I will address in this campaign.

We must realize that community services such as child care and health care are as necessary as police, fire and garbage collection.  Chid care, health care, and similar services are community responsibilities which need more support.  This is not to say that other community resources should not be used in conjunction with city-provided ones.  Certainly it would be impractical to attempt to provide city-owned and operated medical facilities or child care centers, but we can and should support those who have seen local needs and are attempting to fill them.  The various walk-in and drop-in centers are community responses to community needs which should be strongly supported by City Council.

Ann Arbor's size makes it a natural for a well-integrated transportation system.  I am speaking not just of mass transit, but of an integrated system of bikeways, parking area, and public transportation vehicles which would encourage the use of economic, efficient methods of traveling from one spot to another.  Ann Arbor voters have provided the necessary financial support.  Now Council must insist on continued development.

Our experience in the past few years has shown that we can no longer have a policy of continuous unchecked growth.  We need to plan carefully the development of our rapidly diminishing vacant land, and identify the best mix of living and business units which will help maintain a viable central city.  We should set our priorities to reflect the needs of the community rather than the needs of the developers.

As a City Council member I will press for more vigorous enforcement of Ann Arbor's Human Rights Ordinance.  We should increase the employment of minorities and women in positions of responsibility within city government.  I have worked as a Human Rights Commissioner for the the passage of the recent amendments and I will work as a Council member for better enforcement of the entire Human Rights Ordinance.

We must halt the skyrocketing increase of crimes against people and property.  The fear of assault or burglary is very real for many citizens.  Equal enforcement of the laws and equal protection for all areas of the city are vitally necessary to build community trust and develop police-community cooperation.

If Ann Arbor is to support expanded child care and health care opportunities, develop a viable transportation network, plan for the city's housing needs, insure equal rights for women and minorities and stop the increase in crimes against people and property; City Council must set priorities to make most effective use of Ann Arbor's resources.  I will work to provide imaginateive approaches to meet the needs of Ann Arbor's citizens.

--Colleen McGee