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Jamie Kenworthy

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Jamie Kenworthy

4th Ward - Democrat

Packard-Platt, McDonald's, Tribal Funding, Voter Registration, running against Clyde William Colburn and the Republicans it is too easy to just attack. So here's a series of positive statements about what a straight Councilman should be doing to work for the benefit of all.

Parks are for people so they should be put where people most need them. The park bond money should not be secretly transferred to the airport.

Downtown needs help and revitalizing. Let's try a pedestrian mail on Main and put up some community bulletin boards so more people know what's going on.

There is no reason to spend over $4 millions for new roads that will destroy some neighborhoods when old roads are in bad repair for cars and a menace to bicyclists.

The enforcement of victimless crimes like marijuana keep police away from investigating the serious crimes of rape, rip-offs, and assaults. We need good laws evenly enforced that the whole community supports. Only then will there be the needed citizen cooperation that can cut crime.

All city finances would be open. We need no more secret raids on the money for parks and buses. The city that can afford $400,500 for a boondoggle computer-based traffic light system can afford to keep day care and medical care going.

The Rent Control proposition deserves support and if it fails or is voided in the Courts, I'll work for rent control by Council ordinance aimed particularly at the campus area.

We need a clear and irrevocable commitment to buses and bikes to make the city more livable and more accessible to all. City government should be in the business of providing services to the community for the benefit of alL That is the vague ideal but if it started being applied there'd be some needed changes starting April 2. Please vote!

--Jamie Kenworthy