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Ted Nugent & Amboy Dukes

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Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes. Call of the Wild, DS 2181.

Getting a little closer to home, Ted Nugent and the AMBOY DUKES have a new LP out appropriately titled "Call of the Wild." Nugent is the only rock n' roll musician from the Detroit area to have survived the pit falls many Michigan artists have fallen to . . . such as dope and alcohol to mention a couple.

The first time I saw Nugent was back in 1967 at a ballroom near Northland shopping center in Detroit called The Mump. Since that time this guitar player has done nothing but become a more polished musician and performer. The album starts off with Nugent showing his incredible style with guitar riffs sharp enough to cut a tree. Add Rob Grange on bass and vocals, and Vic Mastrianni on drums and vocals, and you have a very powerful trio that has proven their capability of playing some outstanding music.

--Stanley T. Zillifro