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Gay Conference

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May 3- Friday

Registration (all day, Michigan Union, State St. at South Univ. St.)

May 4-Saturday

9 AM Registration (all morning)

noon Lunch

1 PM Workshops

3 PM Workshops 

5 PM Potluck Dinner

7 PM General Assemblies (women & Men)

8 PM Film Festival

9 PM Dance

May 5-Sunday

11 AM Bagel Breakfast

1 PM Workshops

3 PM Concert & Grand Social High Tea with Rosetta Stoned & the Hieroglyphics

5 PM Dinner

6 PM General Assembly

8 PM Poetry Reading, Films, Theatre

May 6 -Monday

9:30 AM Workshops

11:30 AM Lunch

1 PM Workshops

3 PM Workshops

5 PM Dinner

7 PM General Assembly

May 7- Tuesday

9 AM Leave for Detroit

10 AM Open workshop for APA people (all day, Vet. Mem. Bldg.)

5 PM Dinner

8 PM APA Panel on Gayness

10 PM Convention Wrap-Up (Vet Mem. Bldg.-proposed topic: Straight Values in the Gay Movement)


Gay Professionals as Employees of MH Institutions

Gay Client Oppression in MH Institutions

Gay Client Oppression from Private MH Therapists

Alternatives: Gay Peer Counseling, Encounter Groups, Therapy Groups

Alternatives: Education of Therapists 

Gay Studies, Sex Education in Public Schools

Genetic and Cytogenetic Theories of Gayness

Parents of Gay Children

Gay Parents

Gay High School People

Lesbians over 30

Agism among Gay Men

Gay People Over 60

Gay Media

Gays & Leftism

Politics of Drag

Lesbianism & Feminism

Gay Men & Feminism

Racism in Gays

Conflicts between Movement Lesbians & Faggots


May 6 (Mon.)

9 AM-Convention Opens

May 7 (Tues.)

8 PM-Panel on Gayness

May 8 (Wed.)

Banquet & Dance

SPRING CONVENTION STEERING COMMITTEE, 1933 BROCK COURT, ANN ARBOR. Ml. 48104 (mail address) 313-763-4186 or 763-1069 (office) 761-2044 (Gay Hotline) 662-9559 (Black Caucus) (Univ. of Mich. Gay Advocates' Office is at 325 Michigan Union, South Wing, 3rd floor)

A major conference to bring together gay people from Ann Arbor and across the country is scheduled to kick off here on Friday, May 10.

The conference, which is open to anyone interested, is scheduled to coincide with a national conference of the American Psychiatric Association being held the same weekend in Detroit. The shrinks are planning to once more discuss their previous decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. After some controversy over this decision, made last year at the national convention, the psychiatrists took a mail-in poll which ended up reconfirming the original recognition that gay people are not sick. But apparently, some doctors are just not willing to give up.

The Ann Arbor conference begins with all-day registration on Friday at the Michigan Union (at State Street and South University) for all participants. Registration ends at 8 p.m., but will also be open for a while on Saturday morning. 

Conference workshops are now scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, and for those who can stay beyond the weekend, three workshops will be held on Monday. For entertainment, a series of films are scheduled, and Saturday night, there will be a dance for all conference participants. On Tuesday, the events of the conference will move to Detroit, and the focus will be on the APA meeting.

Anyone interested in further details on the conference and related events can contact Gay Hotline, 761-2044, for information.