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Learning Exchange meeting(educational cooperative and resource center) 4 pm every 4th Sunday of the month, 802 Monroe St.


HRP Steering Committee meeting-516 E William (above the Campus Bike Shop), 5:30 pm


Gay Liberation Front 3rd floor conference room South Wing, Michigan Union, 8 pm

Cable 3 8:30 pm-A2 City Council meeting (replay of Monday's meeting).


GAWK (Gay Awareness Women's Kollective)-3rd floor conference room South Wing, Michigan Union, 8 pm, all women welcome.

Guild House Conversation-discussion on "Man/Woman relating", soup and sandwiches, noon, $.40


Picket Wrigley (Lettuce and Farah Boycott) 3:30-5:45 pm, Rides leave from north side of Michigan Union at 3:15 pm, return at 6 pm


Gay Coffeehouse-Halfway Inn, East Quad 9 pm

Picket Wrigley (Lettuce & Farah Boycott) 3:30-5:45 pm, Rides leave from the north side of Michigan Union at 3:15, return at 6 pm


Picket Wrigley (Lettuce & Farah Boycott) 11 am-5 pm. Rides leave from north side of Michigan Union 10:45, 12:45, and 2:45. return at 1,3, and 5 pm. For more info call Boycott office 763-0258, Dave Super 769-1326, in Ypsi, Mary Szczesiul. 483-9593

MONDAY-FRIDAY Cable 3- Local News Jim Zimmerman 7pm

Cable 3-Commuraty Dialogue, host Bruce Warshal. Various people are interviewed on local concerns.

MONDAY-SUNDAY Learning Exchange (educational coop and resource center), call 662-5189 or come, to 802 Monroe every night except Sat., 6-10 pm


Itemized Coop (food)-call -663-1111 for distribution region, order, house, distribution house.

Neighborhood Action Center Food Coop (serving low income people). Cali 769-3771 or visit the center at 543 N. Main, ask for Greg.

Peoples Food Coop-General meetings twice a month. Cali 761-8173 or visit the store at 722 Packard tor more info.

People's Produce Coop (fruits and vegetables)- $4.25 per week, order a week in advance at 1305 Martin PI. or the Northside portable, 11 am-2 pm. For more info call 449-4210 or 662-8329.

Ypsilanti Food Coop- $1.00 membership fee allows you to pick up order forms at 401 S. Adams, distribution center the same 10 am- 1 pm. For more info call John 481-0689, Mike 483-5458, Gladys 485-0067, or Maxine 482-2549.

Coop Auto (car repair), Call 769-0220 for appointment and info, 2232 S. Industrial Rd. 7:30am-5:30pm.

Naked Wrench (bike repair) call the workshop 764-6177, Ray 761-1733, Bill 663-5579, or Chris 665-0608


Ann Arbor Hand Weavers Guild 4th Annual Sale, Sunday, May 5 10AM-4PM North Campus Commons (Includes demonstrations of spinning, weaving, and weaving, & inkle weaving)

Opening first week of May, "Director's Choice: 1946-1956, Jean Paul Slusseor." Art from the Indian and contemporary collections.